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07:33:45 PM Jun 2nd 2013
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I commented out a handful Zero Context Examples on the main page. Anyone wanna take a crack at expanding them?

Anime and Manga
  • In Dragon Ball GT we have the two brothers Nuova Shenron (fire) and Eis Shenron (Ice).

Comic Books

Film — Animated

  • In Eastern Mythology, there are the Demon-turned-gods Fujin (wind) and Raijin (thunder).
  • Japanese Mythology has Amaterasu (sky, sun, light) and Susanoo (storms and ocean).
  • Leviathan (Sea) and Behemoth (Earth).
05:55:00 AM Nov 27th 2013
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None of those are zero content examples. The page is called elemental rivalry. Any given set of characters can thus be assumed to be rivals and the contrasting elements are given in each case. The only one that needs expansion is Surge and Dust and only to tell us why they are not of the "usual" type. (I think the implication is that surge and dust are ideological rivals first and foremost and that is only because Dust cannot take Surge in a straight fight.)
06:34:43 AM Nov 27th 2013
... no, they're ZCEs. The nature of their rivalry needs expanding upon (are they teammates who are foils? Are they The Rival? Is one the hero and another the villain? If all we can tell is that there are two characters with elemental powers, then it's not enough context.
10:57:09 AM Nov 27th 2013
No, it really does not. All that really matters is them being in opposition and having opposed powers. Neither the trope description as it is now nor You Know That Thing Where.

  • John And Tom.

That is not content.

Specialist Partners


  • John And Tom

Well, that still does not tell us anything but we know from the page it is only listing partners who specialize in something, we somewhat know why they are listed together.

Well, now we know quite a bit. Not an extensive amount but I read the zero content example page, it had no samples as such. That said, I did end up expanding on the examples anyway, just to make them more interesting except for Fuijin and Raijin because that one is already in the trope's description.
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