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05:57:27 AM Jan 19th 2012
Can we remove Rochester, NY from the Real Life section? Despite Kodak's current freefall, the city of Rochester itself, though no longer what it once was, has stabilized and is actually growing in terms of arts and education.
06:20:27 PM Nov 28th 2010
edited by Kuroma
I wanted to know if I should add this Real Life example.

Tignish in P.E.I., Canada. The population is dwindling because young people want to leave instead of staying.
12:48:39 PM Oct 2nd 2010
For Real Life examples, I think maybe the distinction between Dying Town and Ghost City or Ghost Town should be made more apparent. Like with the Centralia, PA example: a town with a population of 9 is firmly a Ghost Town, not a Dying Town. A Dying Town is one where the population drain isn't yet complete and there's still some hope it might turn around.
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