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11:36:46 AM Mar 20th 2016
Could we get a clean-up? A lot of the examples just seem to be "a female character was killed in this work of fiction" regardless of how plot-relevant they are. For example, Jadzia Dax is listed for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine even though she was a main character for six seasons.
01:18:13 AM Oct 20th 2014
I was wondering, this trope is an obvious case of bad writting. Shouldn't we put it in the bad writing index?
10:07:08 PM Jan 20th 2013
I'm glad you deleated those lines but spared my statement in the comic section that The Dark Ageof Comics could even be called the Women in Refrigerators Age of Comics.
05:30:38 PM Jan 20th 2013
"If she is the lead role then its obviously a case where The Bad Guy Wins and before you play the feminism card its just a subtrope of Stuffed into the Fridge. So the men who fell they are hated because of this shouldn't think all feminist are extremist."

This is a pretty strange bit of editorializing for the main trope page. Also not up to code in terms of grammar and writing style. I'm not 100% certain whether this should get amended or just deleted, but I'm leaning toward 'delete' given that: 1) the point is kind of incoherent, especially regarding the meaning of the "feminism card"; 2) that's not actually a very good way of describing the fridge stuffing trope, which isn't the supertrope to this one, and doesn't have to address female protagonists specifically.

You know, thinking about this further, it seems like it would be best to just delete those lines. As far as I can tell they don't add much to the trope description anyway.
04:14:21 AM Jan 17th 2013
Could this be a subtrope of The Bad Guy Wins participially if the woman is the lead role?
07:55:12 AM Jan 17th 2013
If the woman is the lead role, that means she isn't disposable. The definition of the trope is a woman who exists only to be killed off as motivation. If she's the lead role, then she is by definition not this trope.
08:11:45 PM Nov 11th 2012
(Not on this page, but linked here) A woman, who is unrelated and not particularly close to anyone in the story, dies early on, allowing the main (also female) character to step into her position. I am pretty sure that is not this trope, but I'd like that confirmed. If it isn't, is it some other trope?
04:59:46 PM Nov 21st 2010

"And no, [the trope name] does NOT mean women are used up objects" (linked to the Straw Feminist trope).

The irony in the trope name is obvious, and I don't see anyone complaining about it in the archived discussion. The entry doesn't need any Take That! -s against complaining Straw Feminist -s until they actually show up, does it?
08:58:31 AM Jul 12th 2012
The trope itself is about women who serve a reactive purpose (I'd getting kidnapped or something), only to be killed because they're no longer needed in the plot. I don't know what that sentence is doing there, it's kind of contradictory, isn't it?

I always roll my eyes when I see a shot made at Straw Feminist - or a shot made at anything, really. It's pathetic when tropers make cheap shots at other people, thinking that if it's on This Very Wiki, it makes them right.
04:53:58 PM May 12th 2010
Should The Lovely Bones be added as a subversion of this trope, since what would ordinarily be the Disposable Woman character is made the main character and the narrator?
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