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11:59:22 AM Aug 28th 2011

Renamed trope

Note how the article's previous title, Diabolus Ex Vacuus, has a total of 283 inbounds. Relative to its age (assuming from February 2009 to May 2011), that's about 10 per month.
09:28:17 PM May 27th 2011
This one will need details before moving back to main. Please see How to Write an Example. We can't use examples which boil down to just an offsite link.

09:27:30 PM May 27th 2011
My thinking is this is a non-example, given Surtr has been mentioned in the Poetic Edda.

  • In Norse Mythology, during Ragnarök, all the enemies of the gods show up to fight them. Most of them are from previous stories, but there's one guy, Surtr/Surt, who just pops in from nowhere, having never been previously mentioned. Thus making this Older Than Dirt.
    • Of course, with mythology it's hard to be certain about this trope — Surtr could have appeared in other myths that were never written down or preserved.
      • He is. His role in Ragnarök is described in The Poetic Edda. The Prose Edda describes the younger Niflheimr and the older Múspellsheimr, two primal worlds with the great nothing, Ginnungagap, in between them. As the ice and cold spilled from Niflheimr met the heat and fire emanating from Múspellsheimr life quickened in the void and Ýmir/Aurgelmir came into being. The world was then shaped from Ýmir's remains. Surtr is said to live in and guard Múspellsheimr, so he is older than the world and it was the world itself that came from nowhere.
02:12:05 PM Oct 26th 2010
"Diabolus ex vacuus"? Really? I mean, I know proper Latin isn't a priority in TV Tropes, but everybody who speaks English would at least try to put in "vacuum" instead of "vacuus". Incidentally, the proper form would be vacuo, but let's not get into case agreement. (as a funny aside, my captcha word is "wrongest")
12:51:12 PM Feb 11th 2011
I came here to post the same thing, though I disagree that the case agreement is a problem; "ex vacuo" would be fine by me. My own suggestion is "diabolus ex nihilo", keeping the play on "deus ex machina" and adding a play on "nihil ex nihilo".

03:13:33 PM Apr 19th 2011
I agree that "diabolus ex nihilo" would be a better name. I'm at least adding it as a redirect.
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