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Old enough to know better, young enough to say "why the hell not?" Has several minor autoimmune conditions and the bad habits of ranting, being brutally candid, and giving a damn at inconvenient moments. Lives in The Other Rainforest, and can testify that it's overrated. Was a seriously messed-up little girl.

Regular contributor to several wikis. Fan fiction author, of sorts; contributor to the Protectors of the Plot Continuum by way of one mission so far.   (Hey, I'm working on it!) Is probably either trying to write, or playing something tall and blue on Rift, at any given moment.

Is (as of recently) officially a semi-professional pen-and-paper RPG editor, and is currently working on a somewhat similar project of her own. Married to a Pungeon Master.

PLATTER member.

This troper provides examples of:

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    Personal Fan Nicknames 
Long list. Be warned.
  • Avatwihard: Any Steam Crew (q.v.) so irrational in their defense of the pairing as to sound suspiciously like a sparkle enthusiast (q.v.) of the most rabid sort.
  • Belfywelf, Bloof, Crack-Rabbit, Drugbunny, Eversong Squirrel: A blood elf, when I'm playing Alliance.
  • Belftown, the Sparkly Maze: Silvermoon City.
  • Blue Soap: A monumental, messy fanwank that I made the mistake of setting off. You probably do not want to know. (If curiosity outweighs common sense, a search for "draenei Mary Sue Soap Opera" will explain it; just don't claim that you weren't warned.)
  • Borewind, Breakwind, Mazewind: Stormwind City. (No, I don't like it; why do you ask?)
  • Caitlín (pronounced "Kathleen," more-or-less): A well-written Ethical Slut or Good Bad Girl character. A reference to the Poul Anderson character Caitlín Mulryan.
  • Catfish, Catfish-Face, Catfish-Head: A draenei, when I'm playing Horde. Because the facial tendrils are barbels; so there.
  • Catfish Pond: the Exodar.
  • CheriSue: Dr. Cherijo Grey Veil, from S.L. Viehl's Stardoc series. Make a wild guess why.
  • Chibi, Kewpie Doll: A gnome.
  • Clayton Weird: A descriptive phrase for a fantasy setting that deviates just enough from the classic model to be obviously original. Named for the late author of (among others) the Duel of Sorcery and Dancer's Rise trilogies, as both are set in a setting that fits.
  • Collecturtle, Fucking Collecturtle, Goddamn Collecturtle, Stupid Collecturtle, other variations on that theme: The Ancient Tartagon (giant two-headed tortoise) mount that came with the collector's edition of Rift. While convenient, it's quite large and looks rather ponderous and dopey.
  • Cute Stick: The opposite of the more commonly-referenced "ugly stick." Often used on monster girls and geomancers. The actual results of being hit with it may vary.
  • That Damn Eredar (often abbreviated to TDE): Prince Malchezaar.
  • Dead Character Lives: A specific sort of Fix Fic. May be abbreviated to DCL; alternately, when referring to specific fics, the dead character's name (i.e. Taretha Lives or Laterose Lives) may actually be used.
  • Drumorc Shamageicator, That Little Green Stub-Tendriled Marty Sam: Med'an. From "draenei/human/orc, shaman/mage/vindicator." So-called because he's a multiclassing cheater of a Heinz Hybrid (and looks the part).
  • Durn It To Heck: Durn the Hungerer. Just because.
  • E-Mob: The Internet equivalent of a Torches and Pitchforks scene.
  • Fluzball, Fuzzbucket, Skittn: A cat as a hunter pet, or a druid in cat form. By extension, any cat. (As in: "You've got that fluzball on passive, right? Maybe one of the druids should go skittn and scout around. And why is there a fuzzbucket on top of my monitor when I'm trying to raid?")
  • Fjord Reaver: Those damned storm giants in Howling Fjord; so-called due to playing a similar role to the fel reavers in Hellfire Peninsula.
  • Florc, Flurk (and several other variations): A fel orc. (As in: "Are you trying to pull every flurk in Shadowmoon Valley?")
  • Fuzzbear: The pandaren race in World of Warcraft. It should be obvious why.
  • Glower McMope and Shoulders McSideline: The Ferret Brothers from The Legend of Korra. It should be obvious who is who.
  • Guarddamns: The Guardian faction in Rift.
  • Hellhole Peninsula: Hellfire Peninsula, for obvious reasons.
  • Horse Show, Horsey Cartoons, Ponies: My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Kelp Reaver: Those damned whale sharks in Vashj'ir that prey on unwary draenei and trolls. Three guesses why, and the first two don't count.
  • Kinkade World, Kinkadia, Thomas Kinkade World: Originally meant an apparent Crapsaccharine World seen through one of the demon's portals in Nocturne, but has come to mean any Crapsaccharine World. (What can I say; Thomas Kinkade always gave me the creeps.)
  • Lagrimmaze: Orgrimmar.  I'm about as fond of it as I am of Stormwind.
  • Legend of Sequelitis, Legend of Shill The Tribute Character, Legend of Wasted Potential, The Letdown of Character Derailment: Should be obvious to anyone who's not an Avatwihard (q.v.).
  • McIntyre (verb): To multiship with such enthusiasm as to actively root for the love polygons to become official (and the Moral Guardians be damned); to create fan works that make them official; or some combination of the above. Named for author Vonda N. McIntyre, who's as well-known for slipping in group marriages as she is for having biocontrol be a thing.
  • Mama Scary: Therazane the Stonemother. Essentially an anthropomorphic boulder with a rotten temper; threatens to grind you into a bloody pulp if you piss her off. Enough said.
  • Maple Treant, Rotten Lousy Maple Treant, Stupid Frigging Maple Treant, and so on: The Wandering Protector in Ashenvale. He exists strictly to bedevil unwary low-level Horde. True story.
  • Outrend: The parts of WoW that weren't affected by the Cataclysm. It seemed appropriate, seeing as they're beginning to run together as "the grindy part of the game."
  • Pigtails: Uriel Chuluun, for obvious reasons.
  • Princess Scarydras: Princess Theradras. Mama Scary is her mother, to begin with. Even with that in mind, her father must have been absolutely horrifying.
  • Retvindicatrix: Female draenei paladin with the retribution specialization; one of this troper's pet characters, for one. Literally, "retribution" + "vindicator" + Latin feminine suffix.
  • Silt 'Ship: The potential Legend Of Korra pairing better known as "Borra."
    • Supporters of said pairing are "Silt Crew."
    • Makorra is the "Steam 'Ship." If I'm in a snarky mood, it may instead be "the rudderless Steam 'Ship" or "High-Pressure Steam." Those of its supporters who aren't Avatwihards (q.v.) are "Steam Crew."
    • Masami is "the S.S. Dammit."
    • Beska is "the rudderless S.S. Icy Bliss."
    • P'heer is "the evil ghost flagship."
    • Korrasami is "the S.S. Mix It Up."
  • Sparkle Enthusiast: Your typical Twilight fan, when I'm in the rare mood to be polite about them.
  • Splatter: Anything that's trying to be horror media...but which, thanks to creators apparently going for gorn and squick more than bone-chilling terror, ends up being reminiscent of a Troma film. I'm looking at you, Graham Masterton.
  • Talislanta Weird, Vance Weird: Describes fantasy settings that are at least Clayton weird if not Tékumel weird, but have more of a whimsical twist than is common to either.
  • Tall Blue: Any fictional race fitting that description; generally, either of my two favorite World of Warcraft races (note one for each faction), favorite Rift race, S.L. Viehl's Jorenians, or all of the above. (If the Tall Blues in question are heavily built along with being tall, I may also call them "Big Blues," "draehmi," or "Jorexpys.")
  • Tékumel Weird: Describes fantasy settings that go significantly beyond "Clayton weird." Named for the Empire of the Petal Throne setting.
  • Yipdrool: Admiral Ripsnarl in the Deadmines.

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