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04:13:52 AM Nov 5th 2017
Why change the quote at the top? I can't really take rick and morty seriously about suicide and all that, besides the image quote fits perfectly.
11:27:25 AM Nov 25th 2015
Is there a trope for characters who seek defeat, but not necessarily death? Or would that simply be a non-lethal variation of this trope? Kuroko no Basuke's Aomine is a perfect example, as he wants somebody to either match or surpass him, so he can have fun playing basketball again.
02:14:40 AM Nov 26th 2015
Might want to check in the Trope Finder.
09:02:31 PM Aug 21st 2014
edited by
I would think that plenty of Islamist extremists fit this trope, though for the sake of avoiding a touchy topic I'm not sure if it's a good idea to bring up anything concerning conflict in the Middle East on TV Tropes. Does anyone think differently?
01:10:36 AM Aug 22nd 2014
Best to leave it alone. Especially since we have a separate trope Suicide Attack that would fit better.
01:50:53 PM Aug 16th 2012
I think Spike Spiegel fits this trope. He puts himself in suicidal battle situations all the time and always talks about wondering if he's alive or dreaming. The church rescuing Faye, the amusement park with the clown, storming the syndicate building, and probably others I forgot. Before he goes (injured) to fight the almost unkillable clown he says: "Maybe this is the one - the one I won't come back from. The end. Just playing with you head."
04:47:00 PM Jul 2nd 2010
edited by Callid
I just wanted to add the reference to Please Kill Me If It Satisfies You (when a character wants to be killed - without a fight - due to remorse), but when I noticed the image, it felt somewhat stupid to add a reference to a trope which would be represented by said image pretty well while it doesn't really fit the trope it is attached to. Remember, the Death Seeker wants to die fighting - and if there's one thing the image lacks it's a will to fight. Therefore I'd suggest to move this image to Please Kill Me If It Satisfies You and to find another, more fitting image for this trope.
04:27:27 PM Jul 21st 2010
I replaced the image with one from The Gun Grave overdose videogame that I think is more fitting with the trope.
09:23:59 AM Jul 22nd 2010
Then I'll use the old one for Please Kill Me If It Satisfies You.
11:54:55 AM Jul 22nd 2010
edited by SomeGuy
Eh. This image doesn't do it for me- it's just too dark. Still, I can't think of a good way to visualize this trope overall- what kind of image could get across the idea that the character is taking unnecessarily suicidal risks?

Please Kill Me If It Satisfies You does work better for the old image, though- the blank expression pretty clearly says I Don't Even Care.
07:31:02 PM Jul 30th 2010
I know that Batman is not a Death Seeker, but this quote by him in The Dark Knight Returns does sound like it fits the overall trope definition;

This would be a good death... But not good enough.

Should I add this quote to the quotes section?
04:12:49 AM Nov 5th 2017
Why change the quote at the top? I can't really take rick and morty seriously about suicide and all that, besides the image quote fits perfectly.
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