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08:31:22 PM Apr 18th 2011

  • One of the Henry Kuttner's stories have lybblas — alien conquerors who look like small rabbit-bat-like critters: First we destroy the big cities, then we capture pretty girls and hold them for ransom or something. Then everybody's scared and we win... We'll be tyrants and beat everybody. I want some more milk, please.

Lybblas is not really a scary name. This trope is about things with scary names that are actually harmless.

  • The Evil Puppy was a regular character on Late Night with Conan O'Brien; a Golden Retriever puppy sitting on a throne of bones.
  • Dark Cloud 2: The wicked Emperor Griffon, terrible time-traveling lord of darkness, destroyer of eras and parent-murderer. And he is... an adorable talking bunny! Sure, later he transforms into an intimidating chimera-thing, but the first impression is priceless.
    • Griffon fits Killer Rabbit better since he is quite dangerous even in that cute bunny form and his real name is Sirius ("The Emperor Griffon" is the title he made up to sound intimidating).

These are Killer Rabbit, instead (and one even has a line of Natter explaining that!). Repair, Don't Respond, guys.
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