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06:33:59 AM Nov 13th 2013
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Could someone explain to me why there's a section on here for Lennon Specs? Seems very arbitrary, especially since they are almost all Zero Context Examples.

Face-concealing shades I get. Full kabuki-style makeup I get. But Lennon Specs seems incredibly random.
11:30:42 AM Nov 15th 2013
I'm going to pull the section in a week if no one has any issue. They're just Cool Shades anyway.
06:49:25 AM Nov 26th 2013
No one defended here or on Trope Talk. Pulled.
09:25:33 AM Mar 29th 2012
Cut Natter about Darth Vader:
  • Subverted in that Vader is actually proven to be weakened after his transition into the mask as he can no longer cast Force Lightning because of his mechanical limbs. He is, however, much more intimidating and serious in a mask.
    • Then played straight in that he's possibly the only Jedi ever to wield their lightsaber so effectively with just one hand (outside of Episodes 4-6). He's also insanely good with his little Force Grip trick. He's a half-robotic horror that can choke-hold you from 50 feet, then slowly walk up to you with that horrible breathing he has...
      • Far better than that. He can choke-hold you from MILES away, while staring you down over the holographic videoconferencing link. If you thought you could win a staring contest against a Cool Mask-you'd be wrong. The last thing you hear is Vader telling your immediate subordinate that he's just won a Klingon Promotion, without even having to do it himself.
"You are in command now, ADMIRAL Piett."
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