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04:37:35 PM Dec 16th 2012
  • This is why some insist Monty Python's Flying Circus could not have been the silly, goofy comedy that the Pythons say it was. People think it has to have been successful because it was subversive.
    • John Cleese claims that someone once came up to him to ask whether the parrot sketch wasn't really about the Vietnam War.
    • Monty Python WAS subversive (Upper Class Twit, anyone? Not to mention the furor over Monty Python's Life of Brian), but didn't discriminate (see: "the Gumbys", recurring, Neandertal-like parodies of the English working class) and it wasn't the reason for their popularity. If Python was popular because of any subversion they did, it was their subversion of the conventions of comedy themselves.

....what the hell is that last bit of natter trying to get at?
04:43:03 PM May 14th 2012
Back to the Future, which got 4 stars according to XFinity, lost to Out of Africa, which got 3 stars. Isn't that ironic? Because a lot of people prefer the former to the latter.
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