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05:41:03 AM Apr 16th 2014
I've not seen Agents of SHIELD, but aren't the main cast, you know, members of SHIELD, rather than the superheroes of the big budget films?
06:36:30 AM Apr 16th 2014
The main characters, yes. But they deal with superpowered threats pretty much every episode.

... that said, I think it plain doesn't apply. I mean, in the early episodes you have a guy with Super Strength (with bonus firey healing), a Gravity Master, someone with X-Ray Vision, and a fire starter.

They might be prone to occasional Special Effect Failure, but they're NOT Coconut Superpowers.

I'm pulling. It's a bad sign that the guy failed to wick the work, too.
01:19:54 AM Jan 8th 2012

  • There's an especially strange version of this trope in Pete's Dragon. Elliot the Dragon is an animated character in an otherwise live-action movie. He is able to become invisible. That is to say, his magical powers allow him to budget-savingly stay offscreen for most of the movie.
    • At the very least, they did make that into a plot point: Elliot gets poor Pete into all sorts of trouble because no one can see that it's really him that's been raising Hell about town.

I'm not sure if this is a good example. Elliot is probably invisible most of the time because it explains why he can be a little boy's friend without anyone noticing. Also, as I recall there were several scenes devoted to the invisible dragon manipulating visible objects, which would all be special effects-driven.
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