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09:53:57 AM Jun 12th 2017
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Larry Butz, of who has hit on, essentially, every girl he sees and who has been rejected probably hundreds of times. Larry has succeeded a few times, too. Admittedly, those times seem to have a tendency to end badly.
    • The one girl who actually genuinely had a crush on him was killed by the very clock Larry made for her, and she was the victim in the first case of the series.
    • Another one used him as a scapegoat for a murder.
    • A third one left the country leaving a letter telling him to forget about her.
    • One time he didn't even manage to hit on the correct girl, instead he managed to creep out an old lady.
Ok, i know that Larry has such reputation in the fandom, and indeed he's pretty clear case of Serial Romeo i'm not really sure he qualifies here. For starters he's quite succesfull in getting girls, we've seen him shot down exacly three times(Franziska, Iris and Ellen) two of which were already in love with someone else, he's been dumped several times, but to break-up a relationship you have to BE in relationship in the first place, which means that at the very least he scored quite a few girls. Secondly the one time we've seen him in the relationship, although off-screen one, he was quite loyal and wasn't really hitting on any girls involved in the case. While, like i said, he does fall under Serial Romeo i don't think he falls here.
09:53:47 AM Jan 13th 2012
I reckon Johnny Bravo is more of a Handsome Lech. What do you think?
09:46:02 PM Mar 27th 2011
edited by Camacan
Larry isn't a good example of this trope. He's a Kavorka Man: no matter how abhorrent he appears he always gets the girl — or there wouldn't be a game. Check out the box artwork for Leisure Suit Larry 6 — and that's not even one of the originals.

  • Leisure Suit Larry This trope only truly materialized after Leisure Suit Larry 6. In games 1 through 3 Larry succeeds a lot — or there wouldn't be a game. He also doesn't look nearly as goofy as he does in latest games. The first game to feature a "loser" Larry was Leisure Suit Larry 5, but the image was diluted, due to presence of Passionate Patty character. In LSL 6, Patty vanished from the franchise, and Larry became more of an exaggerated sleezeball.
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