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10:37:33 PM Dec 2nd 2014
Isn't there a better picture that can be used for this page?
07:18:11 AM Dec 3rd 2014
The current was selected here for the record.
03:08:51 PM Sep 7th 2013
"In Matthew Stover's novelization of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, it is explained that Mace Windu has an abiding love of the Republic and what it represents, and thus idolizes Chancellor Palpatine as the embodiment of the Republic. So when Anakin tells him that Palpatine is actually Sidious, hoo boy..."

Um...no. Mace Windu may have loved the Republic, but he never idolized Palpatine or saw him as the embodiment of it. In fact, one of his first lines in the book is, "Palpatine has stripped away so many civil liberties it's hard to know where his authority stops."
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