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Blorg: Removing the One Piece bit with Bon Clay and Iva-sama; something like this is more for Wild Mass Guessing. (Moreover, the newer chapters don't seem to indicate this trope either.)

J Random User: Something I noted on CSI, seems related to This Time Its Personal. A character's mentor figure is introduced for the sole purpose of revealing their horrible secrets, having them go rogue, or otherwise fall to the dark side. Mentor Failure encompasses the trope, but has no pizzazz. Feet of Clay works, but have we used it already? Or how about You Taught Me That, from the stock dialogue for the episode: "[Pithy statement contradicting the mentor's behavior]. You taught me that."

Ununnilium: We've used Feet of Clay, yeah. Maybe Broken Pedestal?

Tzintzuntzan: This sounds like a subset of Beleaguered Childhood Friend to me, only the friend is a mentor, not an equal. For instance, on the original Star Trek, any academy buddy of Kirk would always turn out to have gone bad — sometimes the buddy was a classmate, sometimes a professor (like the one in "Patterns of Force," who had taught history to Kirk and Spock).

Ununnilium: A little bit off, but yeah. Maybe subtropes of some ur-trope?

Dark Sasami: I'm not sure what Darmstadtium is getting at with the Ozymandias references. I would just go with something descriptive like Mentor Breakdown.

J Random User: Broken Pedestal is probably the most poetic and appropriate from where I'm standing with Feet of Clay already taken.
J Random User: Geez...I know nothing about formatting. I'm gonna need some help cleaning this up...

osh: Accessed.
Shay Guy: Does Bigweld in Robots count?

gorgardard: Absolutely.

Oblivion Hold: Deleted the second Jade Empire/Videogame example due to it being redundant.

Polymphus: The page quote doesn't seem to fit the trope. It's about statues and statues...go on pedestals? Am I missing something here? Deleting quote.

gorgardard: Do we really need spoilers here? It would be much simpler just to mark a "Spoilers Abound" on top, especially since just mentioning names is often a spoiler for this trope.