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06:10:05 AM Jul 3rd 2017
edited by Rotpar
  • In Eerie Cuties:
    • Played With when Layla finds Tiffany's unconscious body stashed in the janitor's closet while she's astrally projecting. She decides not to let a free meal go to waste and feeds on her, embarrassing both when Tiffany comes to.
    • During a sleepover, Layla decides to take another bite out of Brooke while she sleeps. Brooke wakes up and they argue over the matter, coming to an arrangement—Layla gets another drink in exchange for kissing lessons.

Been a long time coming due to forgetfulness.

I disagree with the removal of this example. The trope doesn't need to be entirely about forceful entrance; it's mainly about the vampire going after a defenseless, sleeping victim. For the most part, people sleep in private bedrooms and thus breaking in is usually required; but the Dwarf Fortress and Elder Scrolls are perfectly valid even if the vampires are preying on dwarves in a common barracks or some homeless guy on a pile of rags in the streets.

As for this example:
  • It doesn't demand that the vampire break into the supply closet. She found a sleeping girl there and just decided to drink her blood while she was helpless.
  • The vampire was invited to her friend's house for a sleepover but snacking on her wasn't part of the plan. The vampire waited until her friend was asleep before attacking her since she wouldn't be able to say no or fight back, but it turns out she's either a light sleeper or otherwise didn't trust a vampire to not prey on her friends in the night.
09:54:48 AM Feb 10th 2013
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I'll find an image for this later, should be easy enough, I may take to the forum just to prevent a duplicate.

Any relationships that can be set? Unfamiliar with that system.
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