There are several ways to fall prey to a vampire. Walking around alone at night is just asking for it. Picking up strangers at noisy clubs is the hip modern way. Then there is the traditional method: vampires are fond of using EnterStageWindow to get in the victim's bedroom. They might open the window, break it, turn into a mist to seep past, or even [[OffscreenTeleportation just seemingly teleport in]]. Then it's straight for the bed, leaning over the sleeper, and chomping down on the neck.

Sometimes the victim is awakened by the attempt or still up and about, often in [[LingerieScene lingerie]] for {{Fanservice}}, that's when the HypnoticEyes subdue her and she leads the sudden new lover to the bed. On following nights, a combination of HemoErotic and VampiresAreSexGods leave the victim eagerly waiting up and letting the vampire in for another night of deadly passion.

The victim is seemingly AlwaysFemale. A VampireInvitation might ultimately be required before the vampire can make a midnight visit. They may not always succeed and sometimes they didn't come for a meal, but vampires don't believe in privacy or knocking on the front door.

While a hallmark of the ClassicalMovieVampire, [[DiscreditedTrope it's fallen out of favor in modern times]], as vampires are far too hip and sexy to waste time skulking outside windows. Keep this in mind and do '''not''' list every time a vampire attacks somebody ''outside'' a bedroom as an [[AvertedTrope aversion]].

See also KissOfTheVampire and VampireBitesSuck. In most cases, the vampire's feeding doesn't awaken the victim at all or they're enjoying it and so the bite leans toward Kiss. Sometimes they do awaken from the pain which places it in Bite territory.




[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* In ''[[Anime/YuugenKaisha Phantom Quest Corp]]'', Dracula initially preys on Makiko when she steps out at night. The final time, he goes straight to her bedroom where he hypnotizes her, teleports her into his arms, and escapes to TokyoTower.
* The ''{{VisualNovel/Tsukihime}}'' anime inverts the trope. Shiki goes to his sister's bedroom unannounced and catches Akiha sucking Kohaku's blood: the maid effectively being her mistress' breakfast in bed.
* In the ''{{Manga/Hellsing}}'' manga, [[spoiler: Alucard decides the best way to announce his return, after decades of un-existence, is by trying to sink his mouthful of fangs into a sleeping Integra's neck. She empties a pistol into him before he can]].
* Played straight and subverted in VampireHunterD :Bloodlust. In the opening scene, Meier Link breaks into Charlotte's bedroom window as is par for the course, but their actual relationship is quite different.

[[folder: Comics]]
* Used in ''Comicbook/TheTombOfDracula'':
** In "Day of Blood! Night of Redemption!", Lila has locked herself in her dorm and lies in bed mourning the death of her girlfriend. Dracula slips through her door as a mist and she's terrified because she recognizes him and had seen him kill before. A moment later his shirt comes off and his [[VampiresAreSexGods raw, primal sex appeal]] overpowers both her fear and her protests of being lesbian. He feeds during sex dooming her to become his [[SingleTargetSexuality obsessed slave]].
** In "the Savage Return of Dracula", an unconscious Jeanie is left as bait on a bed in Castle Dracula, a crucifix around her neck to protect her. Dracula returns from a hunt and finds her in one of his rooms. He attempts to attack her when Frank counterattacks, [[spoiler: but he is overpowered and left for dead. Jeanie awakens and Dracula hypnotizes her to throw away the cross. Defenseless, Dracula drains her dry]].

[[folder: Film]]
* A staple of the HammerHorror vampires films and perhaps a major contribution to the trope becoming cliche. Also a great opportunity for a LingerieScene.
** ''Film/HorrorOfDracula'', as usual, Dracula attacks Lucy. She is awake in bed, watching as Dracula appears on the balcony and waits for him to come to her.
** ''Film/DraculaHasRisenFromTheGrave'', Maria is standing at her balcony door when Dracula comes for her and she slowly retreats to her bed
** ''Film/TheSatanicRitesOfDracula'', Jane was kidnapped by the cult and locked in a bedroom at their hideout. She was terrified by his ominous, unseen approach, but when the door flies open and he enters the room she welcomes him to her bed.
* In ''{{Film/Subspecies}}'', Radu breaks into the girls' room to feed on Lilian's cut arm and he drains her over a few nights.
* In ''{{Film/Nosferatu}}'', Ellen's plan to destroy Orlok is to wait for him to attack her in her bed and allow him to slowly feed to distract him from the lethal sunrise.
* ''Film/ShadowOfTheVampire'' plays with this. Schrek doesn't attack Greta in her room, it's a movie set, the bedroom from the climax of ''Nosferatu''. Per the arrangement with Murnau, Schrek only receives his payment for playing "himself" in the movie in the scene were Orlok feeds on Ellen.
* PlayedForLaughs in ''Film/DraculaDeadAndLovingIt'', of course.
** Dracula in bat-form attempts to fly into Lucy's open window just in time for her to close it.
** Dracula is lurking outside Mina's window, but she has an inconvenient nurse inside with her. He's got them both under his spell but they're mindlessly following his commands and Dracula can't get the nurse to leave the room and Mina to let him in.
* ''Film/TheLostBoys'': Sam is hauling one of the creepy taxidermy animals into the closet. When he turns around, half-vampire Michael has come in the room by the second story window. After some arguing between the brothers, Star arrives, first yelling up to them from the ground, then suddenly floating by the window.
* In ''Film/CatsEye'', a [[AllTrollsAreDifferent tiny troll]] lurks in the walls of a young Creator/DrewBarrymore's bedroom and steals her breath while she sleeps.
* ''Film/BramStokersDracula'', at first Dracula lures Lucy out of the mansion and into the over-large gardens of the estate for sex and blood. From then on, Lucy eagerly awaits him, writhing and moaning in her bed as he approaches. The final night he crashes through the window as a wolf, rips open her throat and laps up her blood, and she dies with cries of agonized pleasure.
* In ''Film/TheVampireLovers'', a young woman is asleep in her cottage. She's startled awake by Carmilla stroking her face but soon after is delighted to see her.
* Done in the both ''CountYorga'' films
** In the first Yorga does this twice. First by attacking the van where Erica and her boyfriend Paul are sleeping. And later mesmerizes Erica to open the upstairs balcony to let him in and finish feeding on her.
** Second film, Yorga sends his army of brides to break into Cynthia's household where they promptly feed on her family before subduing and kidnapping her.
* In ''Series/HouseOfFrankenstein1997'', Crispian manages to locate Grace's apartment but she is out of the house with Vernon. However Felicity arrives at their apartment just as he does, [[ cue Crispian deciding to make a new vampire servant.]]

[[folder: Literature]]
* The original ''{{Literature/Dracula}}'' would be the TropeCodifier with a helping hand from PopCulturalOsmosis. Dracula never technically enters Lucy's bedroom. On the first occasion, he hypnotizes her to leave the house and go down to the park. Thereafter, he goes to her bedroom window as a bat and she climbs partway out of it to be drained. When vamping [[spoiler: Mina]], he was able to enter because an inmate of the asylum she was sleeping in gave him leave.
* ''Literature/ScaryStoriesToTellInTheDark'', features "the Window". A girl sees a monster lurking out her window and she's too frightened to do anything. She unfortunately gives it the time to smash its way in, grab her, and bite into her throat. Her screams allow her brothers to save her and chase it off. [[PoliceAreUseless The police pass it off as an escaped lunatic who thinks he's a vampire]]. Months later, the vampire comes clawing at her window again, but she screams at the sight of it and her brothers are able to track and kill it.
* ''Literature/TheBadPlace'' uses this trope as Candy's introduction. Candy isn't an actual vampire but a teleporting super-human psycho who has a taste for blood, and [[HemoErotic blood drinking is the only sexual release he knows]]. He breaks into the teenage girl's room first. She awakens during the attack but his strength and size is overpowering, he bites her throat open and drinks until she dies. He attacks her older brother next and smothers him so he can't fight back before he feeds. Deciding to take his time with their mother, he climbs into bed with her, beats her unconscious before she recognizes him as a stranger, and then suckles from a bite in her palm.
* In Creator/StephenKing's ''Film/TheNightFlier'', the eponymous Night Flier pays a visit to the elderly Sarche couple. The following day, the husband shuts down the airfield and the wife visits the beauty parlor. The husband is found with his head torn off on one end of the trailer. The wife is found, her blood completely drained, in bed; with new lingerie, a peaceful expression, and a copy of ''[[Literature/TheVampireChronicles The Vampire Lestat]]''.
* In ''{{Literature/Twilight}}'', Edward breaks into Bella's room at night. Infamously, he doesn't feed on her blood, he watches her sleep. A month before they met too.
* The first chapter of ''Literature/VarneyTheVampire'' has the eponymous bloodsucker break into Flora Bannerworth's bedroom. She sees him coming but is paralyzed with fear. He returns another night, but she shoots him.
* Seen in Literature/{{Discworld}}:
** Subverted in ''Discworld/WitchesAbroad'' where a vampire abjectly fails to get into the rooms at the inn where the three witches are staying. The youngest witch, Magrat, fails to get the point , declares the room too stuffy, and opens the heavy shutters. Concussing the vampire on the other side who is trying to get in.
** Otto Chriek, a "[[VegetarianVampire black ribboner]]" vampire in ''Discworld/TheTruth'', reminisces about his past experience doing this, preying on not-always-unwilling bosomy young ladies in negligees.
* In ''Literature/SalemsLot'', this is the standard operating procedure for the vampires. While they require a Vampire Invitation before they can enter, they quickly overrun the small town by making nightly visits. In particular:
** Matt invites an ill Mike Ryerson to spend a few nights recovering in his guest room. That night, he listens in horror as Mike invites the vampire Danny Glick in. When Matt works up the courage to investigate, Mike is dead. Later, Mike returns to the same room waiting for Matt, but is driven away by a crucifix and revoking the invitation.
** A delirious Mrs. Glick explains to her husband about her dreams of the last few nights: Danny returning home so she can breast-feed him again.
** After [[spoiler: Susan becomes a vampire, she visits Mark's bedroom that same night, offering to "kiss" him]].

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Angelus broke into Buffy's room to draw her sleeping as a BreakInThreat.
** In "Buffy vs Dracula," Dracula wisps into Buffy's bedroom as a cloud of mist and then uses his hypnotic charm to get Buffy to let him bite her. She even assists him by moving her hair off of her neck when Dracula asks her to.
** Referenced and subverted at the end of "Wrecked" after Buffy gives in to a night of wild passion with Spike -- to avoid a rerun she's seen in her bedroom, nervously clutching a cross, garlic hanging on all the windows. But Spike doesn't need his VampireInvitation any more from now on [[VampiresAreSexGods Buffy will come to him]].
* The pilot for ''Series/{{Angel}}'' shows how a wealthy vampire gets around the whole invitation thing - he owns the apartment buildings he leases to young women. Technically speaking, they're ''all'' his houses.
* An episode of ''Series/NightGallery'', "A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank", features a subversion and parody. A vampire breaks into a woman's room and goes down to suck her blood. At the last second, she wakes up and says "I gave at the office". He apologizes, makes a note in his book, and flies off.

[[folder: Theater]]
* In the original Broadway play version of ''Dracula'' (which the 1931 film was based on) Drac does enter Lucy's bedroom, after it gets de-garliced by the maid under Dracula's influence. In the play Lucy's and Mina's parts are reversed: Lucy is Dr. Seward's daughter and the main girl, while Mina had already succumbed to Dracula before the first scene.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* In Franchise/TheElderScrolls series:
** In ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsIVOblivion Oblivion]]'', once you've contracted vampirism, you can only feed on sleeping people. You can find bums sleeping around outside or you break in to homes and hope the [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard psychic guards]] don't catch you with your fangs in a neck.
** Similar in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'', except that it's [[SequelDifficultyDrop much easier]]: While you still have to feed on sleeping victims, and if you're caught doing it you're in deep shit, vampires in this game have a +25% bonus to both stealth and illusion magic, including invisibility, and vampiric feeding is one of a very, very few actions that a PC can perform while invisible that won't break invisibility. Sufficiently sneaky vampires can invisibilify themselves and feed off of a sleeping NPC in a crowded room with no one the wiser.
** In ''Dawnguard'' you can avoid the entire procedure. Using Vampiric Seduction lets you bite awake victims and as a Vampire Lord you can just grab and feed in the middle of combat.
* ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' vampires prey on your dwarves this way. When Vampires go on "break" they will hunt for a sleeping dwarf to feed on. Being ''Dwarf Fortress'', [[VideoGameCrueltyPotential the players have learned to make use]] of vampires, [[AndIMustScream by sealing it away from any other dwarves]]. An entombed vampire can't feed on sleeping dwarves, won't die aside from ghost-related violence, and is doomed to an eternity of managing work orders or pulling levers.

[[folder: Visual Novel]]
* ''{{VisualNovel/Tsukihime}}'':
** Inverted when Shiki and Arcueid first meet: it's the human stalking the vampire. Without knowing Arcueid is a vampire (or, for that matter, anything else about her), Shiki follows her home, breaks into her apartment, and kills her (she gets better). It makes sense in context.
** Gender-flipped when when Tohno Shiki is unable to meet with the vampire Arcueid one night (with whom he is teaming up to fight a common enemy), she breaks into his room and watches him sleeping while she waits for him to wake up. Arcueid's behavior is more playful than predatory, although she does have urges to feed she needs to fight, and Shiki's response is neither fear nor attraction, but rather "what the heck is wrong with you?"

[[folder: Web Comic]]
* In ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'', the "Why a Gorilla" chapter begins with a vampire, in mist form, entering the bedroom of a sleeping blonde woman. It turns out it's Doc in a wig, who promptly stakes the vampire and kicks the him out the window.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* In ''{{WebOriginal/Vampiru}}'':
** Dani struggles to sleep after watching ''Dracula'' late one night. When she closes her eyes she pictures herself standing in the bedroom watching Dracula lean over Mina. Any action she takes suddenly places her in the bed with Professor Cross drinking her blood.
** Cross rescues Dani one night, hypnotizes her to sleep, and takes her home. He places Dani back in her bed, lost in thought from his problems, and several minutes pass before he realizes he's feeding from her wrist.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MinaAndTheCount'' shorts, a vampire breaks into the wrong girl's bedroom. She's 7 instead of 17.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' did a parody of ''Bram Stoker's Dracula''. Bart and his friends are flying outside Lisa's window, telling her the silly perks of being a vampire. Bart then tells her she has no choice, smashes through, and is about to bite her when Homer walks in and [[ComicallyMissingThePoint warns him about biting his sister]].