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02:24:25 PM Jan 13th 2014
Is there ever a conflict between those who want vengeance against what the Brainwashed and Crazy person has done and those who want the brainwashed person spared harm after being debrainwashed?

Also is there a way to Take a Third Option? And I don't mean punish the brainwasher which you'll do irregardless.

One I can think of is not only restoring the brainwashed person's true self yet also extract the brainwashed self from the brainwashed person's mind then stuff it into an Ironic Hell?
11:37:05 AM Oct 11th 2011
Where exactly did the new picture come from? I've looked on Trope-tan and I've looked on this very page, but I've found nothing.
02:10:29 PM Sep 15th 2012
It's possible somebody just made it to give the article a picture?
01:11:57 AM Aug 19th 2015
Very belated reply, but if anyone comes along who is still wondering, yes, it was created for the article.
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