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01:30:46 PM Aug 11th 2016
So... is the point that they're female or that they're hot? If a male-inclined character had a bunch of Walking Shirtless Scene pretty guys as their bodyguards, would it still be this?

If the point is just that they're female, it shouldn't really be called "babes"...
05:38:59 PM Apr 12th 2013
"Come on, who HASN'T done this in at least one Disgaea game!?" Done what?
09:24:29 PM Nov 19th 2012
Anyone else feel uncomfortable making Gaddafi's bodyguards the picture for this page? Now that we have reports from many of the women that they were blackmailed into becoming bodyguards, raped by Gaddafi, then "passed on" to his generals and sons for more rape and abuse until the men were "bored" with them, I find making them the poster for "Bodyguard Babes" very distasteful.
01:58:59 PM Sep 20th 2012
07:20:49 PM Nov 5th 2011
Has anyone happened to come across what happened to the Libyan Bodyguard Babes during the recent troubles?
08:09:06 PM Apr 19th 2011
This is a highly dubious trope, as it seems many of the examples are just bodyguards/troops who happen to be comprised of females, and not only "the most elite."
09:33:54 AM May 30th 2010
edited by MarqFJA
So what if a hero(ine)/protagonist or someone on the side of good has "bodyguard babes"? Do they still count as Bodyguard Babes?

The trope name sounds too neutral to be a villain-only trope, either way.
08:27:33 AM Sep 9th 2010
edited by Ralphrius
This is a hero-only trope. The villain equivalent is Amazon Brigade.

Which makes it kind of weird that there's hardly any hero-examples listed. Failed trope?
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