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07:12:32 PM Dec 7th 2013
What exactly is the most understandable reaction to this trope combined with, of all things, Light Is Good? As in, if you saw a character looking like some kind of heavenly apparition, but the eyes are just sort, as in, this trope, what sort of reaction would be best described as "completely appropriate"?
05:30:56 PM Aug 9th 2011
11:38:40 AM Mar 6th 2012
Why was the page image changed from this one with the boys? The Higurashi picture doesn't fit the trope— the girl in the image has clearly visible scleras. .- .
10:38:48 AM Nov 6th 2010
I've looked all over the net and hope the tropers here can help me: How is this special effect done?

Mostly I'm talking about Lyta Alexander's completely black eyes in Babylon 5, but other instances seem to use the same effect. Is it CG?

I assume it can't be contact lenses, even the large ones you see in some B-Movies and that are - I think - also used for G'Kars eyes, because then we would be able to see at least some white. Can anyone reveal this mystery for me?
05:41:20 PM Nov 8th 2010
They are indeed contact lenses — scleral lenses, to be exact, which fit over the entire visible portion of the eyeball.
05:05:43 AM Aug 12th 2011
What the heck? That new pic is very scary! Why did they change the 2 kids?
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