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09:09:54 PM Oct 18th 2015
So hey, could we add examples of works that run on Bile Fascination on this page? Like where it's clear that the work is discussing or using this trope intentionally? Things like mst3k, Bad Webcomics Wiki, or The F Plus?
12:43:32 AM Oct 19th 2015
If you can find enough In-Universe or Invoked examples, you can offer up a redefinition in the Trope Repair Shop.
11:31:03 AM Jul 12th 2015
I understand and support the exclusion of general examples since, with the exception of a few pieces that have obtained fame solely based upon their epic awfulness, most "examples" would probably wind up from haters trying to explain a show's popularity. However, could one not have "in-universe" examples? The concept is plenty well-known, and I'm sure there are plenty of examples of characters exhibiting this behavior.
01:58:03 AM Jul 13th 2015
If you can find sufficient In-Universe examples, you can request so in the Trope Repair Shop.
08:00:13 PM Feb 5th 2013
As a Marilyn Manson fan (obsessed and insane, to be exact), I'd say that "Lunchboxes and Choklit Cows" is by far one of the biggest Bile Fascination examples in history. There's four great things about it: it makes you realize that no matter how horrible you are at singing, there's hope for you yet, Chokilt Factory, Negative Three (oh, if only Manson did a new version of this now, it would be mindblowing) and Red (In My) Head , which isn't a good song, but it's a song about child molestation and uses Cat In The Hat quotes.
11:12:06 PM Dec 19th 2011
I'm getting close to buying Big Rigs:Over The Road Racing because the details on how bad it is is just so Hilarious! xD
10:39:45 AM Nov 15th 2011
Not sure how useful this is, but I'd like to mention that "rubbernecking" is the real-life form of this word for the sake of avoiding TV Tropes Will Ruin Your Vocabulary. Basically causing heads to turn far around while passing by, or snapping back like rubber when you try to look away. (The term's not just for scary things, though, but also for people in museums who are being railroaded through a tour and want to see more of something.)

Also questionably related is the Japanese expression "怖いもの見たさ" or "looking at scary things", with this trope as a connotation.
06:33:22 PM Sep 10th 2011
If everyone really misses the examples, some of the older snapshots on show them. It's mostly Natter and X, Just...X.
02:17:52 PM Jun 17th 2011
Wouldn't it make sense to include fictional examples of this trope rather than real ones?
03:58:44 PM Feb 1st 2011
Something seriously bad is going on. I need a new site to look at when I'm down.
09:18:03 PM Sep 28th 2010
Hey! I liked the page! The point of Bile Fascination is to list all the bad stuff that was interesting because of how bad it was. Just clean up the examples and delete the natter DON"T LOCK THE WHOLE PAGE!
05:17:50 PM Oct 3rd 2010
05:33:51 PM Oct 17th 2010
Double agreed.
09:34:07 PM Jan 23rd 2011
edited by kisaraofpern
Relatively new troper here. I came here because I wanted to fritter away time on the interwebs but now I have to go somewhere else. Disappointed to say the least.
10:29:40 PM Jan 23rd 2011
Take It to the Forums, and see what happens.
10:28:57 AM Nov 15th 2011
There needs to be some YMMV subsection for this or something...
09:42:16 AM Feb 29th 2012
edited by DrWhooves
  • facehoof* I didn't see how old the post was. Just ignore this.
02:58:11 AM Sep 2nd 2010
Thanks for castrating this site, Fast Eddie. It's people like you that got the MPAA passed, people like you why we can't have consensual sex between two consenting adults in the missionary position in video games, and people like you who give everyone a trophy. You're the scum of the earth, and have ruined an excellent site.

Go to hell.
01:30:29 PM Sep 2nd 2010
Person, he locked a few pages, that's all. Don't overreact.
09:13:32 PM Sep 2nd 2010
edited by Russo1930
Locking over 80 pages and banning people he doesn't like gives me every god damn reason to complain, fuck him.
12:26:15 PM Jul 29th 2010
There is a typo in the article :

"because they they actually do like it"

The word "they" is written twice. Since the page is locked, this grammar nazi can't correct it.
03:51:20 PM Mar 7th 2010
I have mixed feelings about Dragon Ball GT's inclusion on this page, especially when compared to all the other entries. Isn't it more like watching a disappointing instalment that's part of the same box set, a kind of Seasonal Rot if you will? (It's neither here nor there, but I actually liked parts of it, but it was still far worse than the series adapted from the Dragon Ball manga, so yeah)
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