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Solandra: I really think that the Last Temptation example belongs in No Such Thing as Bad Publicity. People flocked to see it because of controversy surrounding its material, not because of rumors that it was of abysmal quality. Later: Moved the example to No Such Thing as Bad Publicity.

Cassy: I did enjoy the Eragon movie and I think it was good in its own way, it looked like entertaining fantasy to me. Of course I just expected to see entertaining fantasy with dragons and cliched characters and stuff, not an incredible movie.

Wascally Wabbit: This needs a redirect to Train Wreck Syndrome, it's a 'very' commonly used term and what most people will search for.

Tamsin: Should there be a bit more explanation than "Celebrian. Just... Celebrian." ? I've never heard of it before.

Trouser Wearing Barbarian: "Celebrian" is a notoriously awful Lord of the Rings fanfic. Check the So Bad It's Horrible Fanfic discussion page for a more detailed description. (It was recently removed by someone who's never actually read it because anything that seriously Squicks people out apparently qualifies as "transgressive art.")

BTW, I added Train Wreck Syndrome as a redirect.

rsm109: This is ridiculous. "Celebrian" would still be very badly written even if all the fetishism were taken out. Admittedly it would also be a good deal shorter.

movie007: What about flame wars, or scathing reviews for shows (or whatever) that you love? Would those count? I admit to finding myself feeling a little disappointed, when certain objectionable message board posts were deleted - or even when entire topics are deleted, and you feel a little bad over missing the "fun". Not necessarily that you wanted to participate in them, just that you wanted to see what the big hoopla was all about.

CodeMan38: A big yes on the whole thing about dance remakes of songs, particularly for those of us who are already fans of electronic music. This troper admits to having downloaded a Eurobeat remix of Erik Satie's "Gymnopédie" just to see, well, how in the world "Gymnopédie" could be turned into a high-speed dance tune. (The scary part's actually pretty well done.) Oh, and if you too are curious, here's the iTunes link for it.

fleb: Just wanted to save this bit of head-tilting pricelessness:
The Tambourine Man: Do people really watch the end of Code Geass because they thought it was awful? I mean, the "trainwreck" thing was to discribe what a horrible world the series was set in, not any problem in writing itself. And I know there's an unpleasable fanbase, and that Lelouche's plan was kind of dumb, but it was nowhere near as bad as the entries here.
Amphimir: I admit I read the first two Twilight books because of this. I am told I was spared the worst Wallbangers of the series...