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05:23:41 AM Mar 21st 2013

  • iCarly has Freddie Benson during the period that his mother was dating Lupert and was paying little attention to him. He slept in his socks one night... Just his socks...

...since this was supposed to appear ridiculous, not cool. This trope is about characters that the work presents as badass.
11:04:22 PM Nov 10th 2011
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13th Sep '11 4:42:36 AM GreenSparks
Added line(s) 64 (click to see context) :
** To be fair, this really isn't the case. While he never actually stabs to slashes anyone with it, he's constantly using it for cutting inanimate objects, blocking, and other purposes.

An Accuracy Attack with a classic naysayer's opening. Usually I'd admonish someone nattering like this to "Repair, Don't Respond," but the guy's example does nothing to contradict the Zelda example he replied to. Using a weapon for utilitarian purposes does nothing to avert this trope (or necessarily play it straight).
10:01:18 AM Nov 23rd 2011
Hell, I'd say using a sword for nothing but non-lethal purposes (cutting inanimate objects, blocking) is exactly this trope.
07:04:20 PM Feb 23rd 2011
I can't think of something equally punchy to replace it with, but when you make the criteria for being Badass drinking, smoking, bedding numerous women, or swearing you cut out so many characters who are geniune Badasses it's not funny, especially in older works.

I think we need a new litmus test for badassitude. Stat.
01:05:07 PM Apr 3rd 2011
It's just a broad, sweeping generalization I used as a throwaway gag. I'm not defining Badass here; that has its own page. It's just a big ol' list of stereotypical badass characteristics meant to get the idea across.
09:20:11 AM Jun 3rd 2011
Really? Because it's good to know, since I always thought this trope came with the Unfortunate Implications that you have to be, who shall we say, inappropriate, to be a true badass. It's like A Man Is Not a Virgin applied to ass-kicking.
02:31:21 PM May 23rd 2010
I'm not gonna lie, this has got to be one of my favorite titles.
05:30:49 AM Nov 1st 2013
Agreed. So hard.
04:42:49 PM May 13th 2010
" any mothers lamenting the fall of his dread blade"? I don't get it.
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