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02:27:49 AM Feb 22nd 2014
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There's a boatload of natter in the comments under the Real Life section but some good points as well. I don't want to risk ruining a very informative bit of information but at the same time, there's WAY too much blatant natter. I'm hoping someone more patient than I am can skim through it and pick apart the natter and save the good information.
02:39:52 AM Feb 22nd 2014
All that natter is not relevant to the article's topic here. I would delete the whole material.
09:01:47 AM Aug 28th 2012
What about the 2011 Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals? It wasn't until they started taunting the Dallas Mavericks while they had a big lead in Game 2 (they'd won Game 1) that Dirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks started playing. The Heat would lose Game 2, win Game 3, and then lose the three next games in a row to make the Mavericks the 2011 NBA Champs.
01:34:04 PM Jan 10th 2011
Nobody thought of Avatar yet? Neytiri describes the planet as neutral and not helping any side, just keeping the balance - until the humans threaten to crush one of the most vital "organs" of the planet.
04:58:42 AM Oct 5th 2010
Except for the WW2 example, the Real Life entries seem odd at best. None of the countries/alliances/whatever can really be considered True Neutral in most contexts. Additionally the trope seems to mostly relate to military matters, which doesnt really seem to be the case when talking about e.g. the EU or India.
01:56:52 PM Oct 23rd 2010
Agreed. A country can only be True Neutral in the context of a conflict. Speculating that a certain superpower, or potential superpower, could become one of these isn't really sufficient.
04:57:58 AM May 25th 2012
edited by captainsandwich
United States was not neutral. It was a non-beligerant (until attacked). Does this mean we should lower the requirements?
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