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05:54:16 PM Jun 23rd 2014
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Why is there a spoiler in the music video section of this trope? Is it really a spoiler that Pamela Anderson eats the band at the end of the music video? Why is the spoiler on there?
07:04:06 AM Mar 31st 2011
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I haven't found anything about this effect here, but perhaps someone can point me, or perhaps it belongs on this page...

In movies where someone grows huge, their voice almost never changes.

Just watching Monsters vs Aliens, and Ginormica should have a very deep voice for her size, but nope, still high pitched. The only reference I could find is here: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/JustBugsMe/Diablo Someone complains that a shrinking character's voice gets higher pitched. (Which is also completely appropriate of course.)

This seems, in a way, related to Magic Pants in that it would be very inconvenient (and perhaps annoying) if it didn't work this way.
07:23:32 PM Jun 23rd 2014
I'm sure you could try making that a trope in You Know That Thing Where
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