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12:04:42 PM Jul 20th 2013
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Wouldn't this trope's technical name be kryokinesis? kryo (or cryo, whichever) meaning "cold", since this trope deals with freezing as well as moving objects that are cold*.
12:11:52 PM Jul 19th 2012
edited by aaeyero
"Yuki means "snow" in Japanese, so it also affords itself to Meaningful Names."

I know this is a reference to yuki-onna, but what does this sentence have to do within the context of the intro? It is very confusing grammatically as well, so I think I'll remove it.
12:05:40 PM Jul 20th 2013
Where was this sentence in the main page? Granted, I agree with you on taking it out and just pot-linking her name to Meaningful Name.