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Working Title: Ice Person: From YKTTW

Kenb215: Removed the Avatar example. Every other example I recognize is of a character who has power over ice without having power over water as well.

Pk Mario: ...So? The description of the trope explicitly says that An Ice Person can have powers that overlap with water, the Waterbenders count. (Btw, Zan transforms into water too, and Lorelei has water Pokemon.)

Neep: So why exactly is it necessary for this to be distinct from Elemental Powers? Aside from more space for entry whoring, of course.

Pk Mario: Because this had a YKTTW with 42 replies and nobody complained.

Big T: Thta means absolutely nothing, as CutListers and {{YKTTW}ers are a completely different breed.

ABCD: This page didn't make much sense to me, until I realized that someone linked to it as A Nice Person, instead of An Ice Person...