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05:13:51 AM Dec 28th 2017
The first time I ever recalled observing this trope as a child was a re-run of Mickey's The Mad Doctor (1933 film), and it pissed me off. All that build-up, all that tension, all those rooms with obstacles and enemies, just for him to be still home having a nightmare. They just wanted to wrap the episode up as quickly and lazily as possible.

In fact, my English literature and grammar teacher hated this trope so much she would FAIL your essays and course-works if you dared to end it with the lines "They woke up, oh, it was all but a dream. The End."
01:11:44 PM Jan 10th 2017
edited by SenorCornholio
I would like to mention something about Super Mario Bros. 2: the game takes place in Subcon which, according to the enclosed instruction book, is the land of dreams. So technically, it is all just a dream, but it's kind of supposed to be; the only canonical way to go there is to dream. Can we please add that to the entry? I'm just a bit tired of people assuming the game is only a dream without recognizing this fact.
09:18:27 AM Feb 8th 2014
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"Star Trek TNG 7x18 - Eye of the beholder" and the movie "Train of Life" should be added to this list.

01:12:15 PM Oct 2nd 2012
This page starts with a bold spoiler warning, and most examples spoil something, so why do a few examples still have spoiler tags? Do any examples here still need to hide their spoilers?
05:20:37 PM Nov 23rd 2013
The page starts with an idiotic spoiler warning common to many pages about spoilery tropes, which completely fails to consider that not all spoilers in a work are connected to the one trope which is the subject of the page. It is completely unreasonable and just plain fucking stupid for all spoilers to ever go unmarked just for the sake of one plot element.
06:26:39 PM Feb 14th 2012
Under the entry for Zelda, Link's Awakening we get this line

Therefore, the events of the game erase themselves once Link saves the day and the events become a dream but said events but have happened other wise existance would have collapsed.

This sentence makes no sense in the English language (especially after the second word 'but'). Since I haven't played this game I can't fix it. I don't know what the writer intended.
01:09:24 PM Oct 8th 2011
Should this trope be renamed "Newhart Twist" in honor of the show that pretty much pulled it off the best?
03:38:01 PM Jul 31st 2011
edited by Glazed
Who else hates it when this trope happens to a great story? I mean even Brian from Family Guy feels like it's a bit of a rip-off.
07:10:00 AM May 9th 2010
edited by BritBllt

  • The Grand Finale of 7Days pulled this one off, revealing that the entire show was a delusion of the main character, who started the show inside a mental institution.

Okay, I'm all kindsa confused. So far as I can tell, the show didn't have a Grand Finale. It ended with a standalone episode about a man on death row, and didn't reveal anything like that. The show doesn't seem to have ever been released on DVD, so that rules out an unaired finale. I don't know if maybe another episode ended this way or if the idea comes from a Word of God comment about how they would have ended the series if they'd had the chance, but from what I can see, it doesn't end on this note.
12:40:47 PM May 9th 2010
A brief google search tells me that you're entirely correct. Looks like the episode I was thinking of was "Déjà Vu All Over Again", which I was sure ended with the implication that Backstep wasn't real and Frank was still in the institution. I probably assumed it was the last episode because I watched the series out of order in syndication.

You, know, that might be worth a new trope. Not Actually A Finale. I got the same surprise when I found out that "Future Schlock" wasn't the last episode of Rocko's Modern Life- although in that case it was at least second-to-last.
06:08:47 PM May 9th 2010
Hm, now I'm kinda curious about that episode - it sounds like a good one. :) The closest we've got is Series Fauxnale for when the creators backed out of their ending for another season, though Not Actually A Finale could be a trope of its own (Buffy has like three fakeout endings, one for Season 3 and leaving high school, one for season 5 and leaving the WB, and then that creepy "Normal Again" ending).

I'm also kinda wondering if we have something like Wake Up In The Asylum, where the hero suddenly wakes up in an institution and everyone tries to convince them the rest of the show's a delusion. Frank's been through it, Buffy's been through it, Riker and Sisko have been through it, Total Recall played with it and there's gotta be other examples too... a ha, found it, Cuckoo Nest. I'll go ahead and add 7Days to that trope and vice versa, since it was definitely in the show.
12:37:27 AM Jun 29th 2012
I think it should be added back with the simple correction that it wasn't the grand finale. After all the episode did leave off with the possibility that it was all just a dream.
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