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02:24:39 PM Aug 25th 2014
This article is a major mess, there seems to be no logical order in which the professions are presented. Some of them aren't really that heinous to begin with (Hotel Employees? Economists? Really?), some of them go beyond acceptable targets into outright evil territory (i.e. listing concentration camp guards and Khmer Rouge officials). Do we really want criminals cluttering up the list as well when we have mundane professions like retail workers too. There's also the redundancy of listing multiple professions that are more or less the same thing (Debt Collectors and Loan Sharks, Airport Security and Mall Security). I propose we do an immediate clean-up on this article because it's in a rather sorry-state as of right now.
01:17:42 AM Aug 26th 2014
Acceptable Professional Targets is professions that are Acceptable Targets. Concentration camp guards and hotel employees are listed here both because both are Acceptable Professional Targets - the article doesn't grade by heinousness. Also, I'd dispute that the instances that you cited as "Being the same thing" actually are the same thing.
07:21:50 PM Aug 26th 2014
The spirit of the trope seems to imply the kind of everyday job your average person would do to get by. Otherwise where are jobs like assassins? You're telling me drug dealers are a profession but they're not? While the professions I cited may not be the same thing, there's enough overlap that listing them together would help avoid redundancies. And how do we determine who is and isn't an acceptable target. Just because one troper had a bad experience with a painter does not put them in the same league as lawyers. The trope has no order, structure or standards; not to mention, no examples for the most part. It's like it's half-finished or something.
11:16:07 PM Aug 26th 2014
It's pretty much a matter of opinion who ends up on these articles. That's why they are bannered YMMV.

Also, I did not say that drug dealers are a profession. Please don't put words in my mouth like that.

Anyhoo, I suspect the reason why assassins and drug dealers haven't been put here is because they are criminals and thus already targets by default.
02:16:28 PM Dec 15th 2013
"In some ways, proctologists are the new dentists."

Yuck! I hope they changed their gloves at least...
05:00:56 PM Apr 22nd 2012
Is it me, or is carpentry the one and only unacceptable professional target?

Everything else seems to be fair game.
09:42:49 AM Aug 25th 2012
Carpenters cannot be targeted because Jesus was a carpenter. Or maybe it's because of their solid work ethic: just goes to show people still respect raw masculine hard work.
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