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03:47:52 PM Nov 22nd 2013
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Never mind.
12:38:56 AM Aug 12th 2012
Don't you think paranormal investigators would be an acceptable hobby target? I've seen them portrayed in rather unpleasant ways.
03:36:39 AM Jun 29th 2012
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Men Who Knit: my father - and he should know - said that the two most popular hobbies on board Royal Navy ships were//

I) knitting: (cheap, practical, and filled the dead space when not on watch). Although part of the reason was to have at least one thick wooly pully for Arctic watches, a sailor who could fashion a something stylish and wooly for the ladies would not be short of attention on shore leave home (Britain was clothes-rationed until 1950. A sailor could buy unrationed items in foreign ports and bring them home. Or the wool to make a stylish off-ration jersey for his lady).//

II) Ballroom dancing. (sanctioned by the Captain, if no flights were scheduled, part of the aircraft hanger - a large open space, hard to find on board ship, but the raison d'etre of aircraft carriers - was cleared by rolling the planes and support kit to one side. Suitable music was played through the tannoy, and a couple of hundred sailors learnt the dance steps that would come in useful during runs ashore. And while they generally took turns - someone had to - a small minority of sailors actually liked dancing the woman's part (it has to be said).
04:27:53 AM Nov 28th 2011
Wiki editing must fall under this somewhere. Seriously, who does that?
05:33:28 AM Nov 28th 2011
So add it as an example.
06:44:34 PM Oct 26th 2010
The reason it is considered acceptable to blame MMORP Gs for addiction is because they do have tricks in place that are designed to trick you into spending more time playing them.
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