Tropers: Anime Badger

My name is Hunter and I'm a seventeen-year-old agnostic flame-headed ginger with red hair from southwestern USA. My interests are cartooning, writing, cooking, troping, working on things (I'm kind of a workaholic), parkour, listening to music, troping, video games, troping, and watching weird videos. I mostly lurk in the forums. The only ones I frequent are the Trash Heap, the Youtube Poop thread, and the Synchtube Tropers Thread, and whatever catches my interest. I am not really a badger so much as I really am some species of newt. Why they call me Badger is (not so much of) a mystery. I just figured, screw it, I'll go by that name. I go by I-Teleported-Breadnote  in Cytube. Come riff some movies, if you would like. I'm also open to talk, so, you can message me anytime.

So, what's a soulless ginger like you doing in the Tropes of TV?

Well, it all started when I had this obsession with Invader Zim (I was not going through an emo phase or anything, thank god. But I was going through an LOLrandom phase, which, IMO, is twice as worse. May or may not have been a weeaboo though. Probably was. The less we talk about it, the better). I nosed around on an old computer of mine and learned of a previous work by Vazquez called Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I decided to look more into it, then I came across its TV Tropes page. I wasn't instantly addicted to the site at first, but it grew on me a bit. I lost interest in the aformentioned comic, but I became more and more fond of this site, and now I officially have no life. Oh, and I may or may not be planning to make a comic or a few sometime.

This be me troper wall

Things I like

    Live Action 
    Web Original 
     Western Animation 

As you can see I'm a huge sucker for animation and a movie buff .-.

List Of Tropes That Fit Me To A T:

'Nuff said!