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10:05:45 AM Oct 30th 2011
I don't understand the description. Paragraph one says that it occurs when a formerly mortal character becomes an Anthropomorphic Personification or a god. But a later paragraph claims that all mythology features this, even when the being in question (like Satan) is explicitly not of human origin. This is contradictory.
06:20:22 PM Nov 3rd 2012
1) I'm not seeing a problem with the assertion that pre-Fall Satan isn't equal in cosmic scale to humans, especially since the Fall elevated him from being merely an angel to being The Adversary against Elohim. Sounds like becoming a personification to me.

2) If the problem is not seeing angels as the same Super Weight class as humans, that can be a point. But this isn't about whether the starting point was a Muggle, a witch, a Super Saiyan, a robot, or a penguin — it's that through sheer force of will they became THE force of nature that they represent.
08:53:28 PM Apr 29th 2011
has this trope not been done with almost every single mecha (and other genres, i'm just using this as an example because i am a huge mecha fan) related show ever made? lets start with mobile suit gundam, the Rx 78 line were literally the federation's 'hope' for defeating zeon; then we get zeta gundam, which had the zeta gundam and the Argama crew 'becoming hope' of majority of people living (and abandoned) in space; then we get char's counterattack, having Char become the 'hope' of all the people (again, abandoned) in the space colonies; then more recently, gundam unicorn, with unicorn itself being made to 'revive the hope that was lost a century ago'. ok slightly different things happening here, since madoka sacrifice herself, then became the light that awaits the damned at the end of the tunnel, something for the girls to believe in, it truely is a majestic concept - so epic that i shed manly tears (for about 5 minutes, which rivals that of puru clone death[S]) - but is it not still the same as what has been done countless times? (except this time more blunt, straight forward, and direct).

what i want to know is: first. how is this version different from the rest? aside from minor details. Second: why was this the trope namer? seeing as how the idea of it has been around for at least 30 years. and Last: are we certain that this trope has not already existed with a different name? or could it perhaps fit under another page, again, the idea having existed for such a long time.
02:42:07 PM May 13th 2011
edited by Dainsleaf
i do believe that your example based on Gundam is kind of missing the point. The point of this trope is somewhat similar to, but more focused on becoming a living embodiment of a concept rather that becoming a symbol.

perhaps it is more: someone who is VERY evil that he became the evil himself

though i do believe that the main point of this trope focused on how someone Ascended To A Higher Plane Of Existence and become godlike existence by becoming a concept instead of a symbol. therefore this is somewhat different from how Lelouch sacrifice himself as a symbol of Hate in the end of Code Geass as Lelouch just become a human symbol but not a concept.

the difference can be seen from how in Madoka Magica, Madoka sacrifice herself to become an existence that protect all mankind from Witch.

therefore it is safe to assume that this trope refer to being that has surpass their humanity and somewhat become a guardian of universe/big bad based on their deed or sacrifice.
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