->''"You see, hidden within the unconscious is an insatiable desire for conflict. So you're not fighting ''me'', so much as you are the human condition."''
-->--'''Professor Moriarty''', ''Film/SherlockHolmesAGameOfShadows''

A character becomes an abstract concept like {{hope|SpringsEternal}} or [[TheFourLoves love]], whether literally or in a metaphorical sense.

There are many ways this could happen. For example:

* The character willingly abandons their previous life and physical form in order to [[AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence ascend to a higher plane of existence]].
* The character [[YouKillItYouBoughtIt killed the previous incarnation of the abstract concept]], so [[SomeoneHasToDoIt they must take its place]] as an AnthropomorphicPersonification.
* The character obtains this in a metaphorical sense through purity of action. For example, a BigBad is so evil and so spiteful that it becomes [[AsLongAsThereIsEvil a being of pure hate]].

Often overlaps with:
* AnthropomorphicPersonification, if the character becomes an anthropomorphic personification of an abstract concept.
* AscendedToAHigherPlaneOfExistence, when the form the character takes on in the "higher plane" is an abstract concept in the mundane world.
* DeityOfHumanOrigin, if the character becomes the deity of an abstract concept, or if in becoming an abstract concept, they gain powers equivalent to a PhysicalGod.

This trope is different from GodJob because the ascended character doesn't hold a cosmic office, but becomes a cosmic principle in itself. Sometimes this can mean that the character is no longer sentient by human standards.

This trope is as [[OlderThanDirt Old As Mythology itself]]. Every religion/myth gives some form to a radical concept that cannot be described in simple words. As an example, {{Satan}} is often considered the embodiment of hate, despair, etc., after he [[FallenAngel fell from the heavens]]. The hate itself transformed him from angel of good into a devil of pure evil.

Quite often invokes "IAmTheNoun." Contrast WoobieDestroyerOfWorlds, OmnicidalManiac, and StrawNihilist. Contrast or compare PureIsNotGood and MadeOfEvil, the latter of which can overlap depending on the context.

Not to be confused with AnthropomorphicPersonification. To be clear, an Anthropomorphic Personification is more often than not what results from this. This trope is when somebody becomes the concept, not the concept itself.

'''As this trope can and will involve scenes that happen ''after'' a Death trope, beware of spoilers.'''



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' is the former TropeNamer and gave us the Alternative Title: Becoming Hope. Explanation is a spoiler for all the series: [[spoiler:Madoka's wish turns her into a Goddess, and then a witch (a creature that radiates despair) - but she uses her immense power to ''destroy'' said witch and lives on as the abstract concept of hope, existing beyond time and space. Her influence allows all the magical girls who have ever existed to fight without despair and die without regret.]] (And [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagicaTheMovieRebellion the third movie]] reveals that [[spoiler:[[InvertedTrope the abstract can be made concrete again]], if you have the proper trap. This happens ''twice''.]])
** [[spoiler:Kyubey likewise confirms that Madoka has become an intangible concept.]]
** If ''Rebellion'''s events are any indication, [[spoiler:Homura]] is on the fast track to becoming love. [[spoiler:Her wholehearted devotion to Madoka, coupled with the karmic repercussions of turning back time so often (which heightens both girls' magical potential) enables her to survive the shattering of her Soul Gem. She becomes not a witch, or a magical girl, but ''something'' capable of rewriting the universe]].
*** [[spoiler:Homura states (at least in the dub) that she's actually become the embodiment of evil.]]
* ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}'': The BigBad of 2002 sees Isaac and Miria as the embodiment of Hope, and therefore specifically excludes them from the hijackings he's planning.
* ''Anime/PrincessTutu'': The eponymous MagicalGirl is (presumably) a manifestation of [[spoiler:the Prince's feeling of Hope]], and Duck herself becomes, at the very least, a symbol of it by the end.
* The concept of ''La Persona Superiore a Dio'' (The Person Higher Than God) in ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'' is temporarily achieved by [[spoiler:Fiamma of the Right]] in Volume 22.
* ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' has people who CameBackWrong from human transmutation as embodiments of the SevenDeadlySins.
* ''Anime/{{Mushishi}}'': Had the old man that became a mountain master after he ate the flesh of the old one, that took on the form of a boar.

* UsefulNotes/GeorgeWashington's ascension to godhood (also known as ''Art/TheApotheosisOfWashington'') appears to involve him becoming some type of abstract representation of America ruling over thirteen virgins who represent the states.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In ''ComicBook/TheInfinityGauntlet'', Thanos was defeated when he [[spoiler:abandoned his body and [=became/replaced=] Eternity at the head of the Cosmic Beings... and failed to realize that the Gauntlet itself, which sustained his new existence, was still on his lifeless body's hand and within easy reach of vengeful relatives.]]
* In ''Comicbook/TheSandman'', there is an... [[PlayingWithATrope odd version of this trope]]. Morpheus challenges a demon to a duel, and the demon chooses the weapon/setting as "reality", meaning that each doesn't ''quite'' become the thing they describe, but it's close. One line:
-->'''[[spoiler:Morpheus]]:''' I am hope.
** Morpheus is also the brother of Despair (who, according to Destiny, should encompass Hope).
** A more straightforward example occurs at the end of [[spoiler:The Kindly Ones, when Morpheus dies and Daniel becomes the new Dream.]]
** It is mentioned that Despair was killed at some point a long time ago, and replaced by a new Despair, but there are no details whether or not the new one was a person who turned into Despair or something else completely.
** The series also contains a possible inversion. [[spoiler:Destruction abandons his duties and everything carries on as normal. He suggests that the others could do so as well, the concepts don't need anthropomorphic personifications to keep existing.]]
* Franchise/WonderWoman became the goddess of truth for a while, but gave it up. She seems to be an avatar for it even in mortal form, however; for example, some stories says her Lasso of Truth simply channels her inborn powers, and her very presence makes it difficult for people to lie.
* In the backstory for the DC Universe's [[Franchise/GreenLantern Emotional Spectrum]], this is apparently the origin of the Lantern entities. The first creature to experience a given emotion (for example, a bug in fear of a predator, or an enraged bull) became a kind of AnthropomorphicPersonification of that emotion.

* In chapter 78 of ''Fanfic/ChildOfTheStorm'', it is revealed that [[spoiler:Lilly Potter merged with the Phoenix Force a.k.a. Destruction of the Endless, to become the White Phoenix of the Crown, Her dominant aspect.]]
** Additionally, in chapter 72, [[spoiler:Luna Lovegood, having just died]], becomes [[spoiler:the new Delirium after the old one wandered off one day.]]
* An example (or six) is demonstrated in the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fanfiction [[http://www.equestriadaily.com/2011/07/story-light-never-goes-out.html 'The Light Never Goes Out']]. After a couple of decades[[note]] not to mention after half the mane cast had gotten married and started families[[/note]] it becomes clear what bonding to concepts such as laughter, honesty, loyalty, generosity, kindness, and magic would actually ''do'' to mortal ponies. Now it is the bicentennial of Luna's return....
* ''Anime/DragonballZ'' fanfiction ''FanFic/HonorTrip'' does this to Goku, not surprisingly. He personifies hope & relinquishes his soul to Future Trunks.
* In the ''FanFic/PonyPOVSeries'', while the [[TarotMotifs Major Arcana]] Alicorns (like Celestia and Luna) are born/created as [[AnthropomorphicPersonification Concepts]], the Minor Arcana are all ponies who were born mortal, but eventually gained enough power and came to personify an idea so well that [[DeityOfHumanOrigin they ascended]]. [[spoiler:The Magician Alicorn ([[BadFuture Dark World]] Twilight) and the Draconequus of Cruelty (Dark World Fluttercruel) are also examples, with the former being the ''only'' Major Arcana born mortal, and the latter being the only known example of a mortal becoming a Draconequus.]]
* ''Fanfic/ThousandShinji'': At the climax of the story, the main characters became [[spoiler:''[[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}} the New Chaos Gods]]'']]. So that [[spoiler:Shinji became the God of Deceit, Change and Hope; Asuka, Goddess of War, Wrath and Valour; Rei, Godess of Demise and Joy; and Misato, Goddess of Pleasure and Perfection.]]
* The Abstracts in ''FanFic/FaithAndDoubt'' and its sequel can be this. The Abstracts Honesty, Kindness and Doubt ([[spoiler:later revealed to be Faith]]) were Earth Ponies who ascended during Discord's reign to become the very embodiments of their abstracts.
* The ''Fanfic/OversaturatedWorld'' has Sunset Shimmer becoming the human world's manifestation of Harmony.
* ''FanFic/DeathIsForcedToTakeAVacation'': The Reapers are this for the Role of Death, former mortals who gave up their original selves to take up the position (though as aides to the Lady of Death and not as full Lords or Ladies of Death themselves).
** The same holds true in other universes in the same multiverse where this one is set, such as the [[FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell Pieces-verse]].

* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'', ''Discworld/ThiefOfTime'': [[spoiler:Lobsang becomes the personification of Time, taking over from his mother.]]
* Near the end of Creator/BrandonSanderson's [[Literature/MistbornTheOriginalTrilogy Mistborn trilogy]] [[spoiler:Vin]] takes up the mantle of [[spoiler:Preservation, a shard of Adonalsium (essentially, she becomes a God), and ends up locked in opposition to her much more experienced counterpart Ruin.]]
** Many of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere works seem to incorporate this in some way, with the Shards of Adonalsium.
* Creator/PiersAnthony's ''Literature/IncarnationsOfImmortality''. Each of the first five books features a mortal who becomes an AnthropomorphicPersonification ([[TheGrimReaper Death]], Time, War, [[TheHecateSisters Fate]] and [[MotherNature Nature]]).
* The titular character in Libba Bray's ''Literature/{{Gemma Doyle}}'' trilogy is called Lady Hope by the people of the Realms, as she represents the hope that magic of the Realms will be returned to them and shared.
* In the Brazilian book ''[[http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Batalha_do_Apocalipse The Battle of the Apocalypse]]'', God [[spoiler:becomes the spark of free will and evolution within all human souls]].
* ''Literature/TheSecretsOfTheImmortalNicholasFlamel'' has [[spoiler:Josh, who becomes [[TheGrimReaper a personification of death]].]]
* ''Literature/ThoseThatWake'' inverts this. Man in Suit is hopelessness given form.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'' the movie ''All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker'', it is hinted that at one point all Kamen Riders would become this kind of existence.
-->'''Garagaranda:''' Didn't you guys die?\\
'''Kamen Rider #1:''' As long as Riders are needed, we will never die.\\
'''Kamen Rider #2:''' And as long as Riders exist, we will never let Dai Shocker have their way!
** This is further explored in the ''[[Film/OOODenOAllRidersLetsGoKamenRiders Let's Go Kamen Riders]]'' [[MilestoneCelebration anniversary]] movie.
--->'''Owner:''' Even if Rider history changes, it seemed the memories people have of Riders don't change. People's memories create time. In other word, as long as people's memory exist... Kamen Riders will endlessly revive.
** Cue all the Kamen Riders appearing to deliver a huge beatdown to the Shocker Alliance.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode, "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_of_Evil Skin of Evil]]", after AscendingToAHigherPlaneOfExistence, an alien race left behind Armus, a [[AnthropomorphicPersonification personification]] [[MadeOfEvil of the evil]] of their former existence.
* ''Series/StarTrekVoyager'': ''The Thaw'', a MonsterClown that is a personification of ''fear''.

* In Myth/EgyptianMythology, Imhotep, the [[UsefulNotes/AncientEgyptianHistory very much historical]] [[RenaissanceMan scribe, architect, healer, sage]], and [[TheGoodChancellor chancellor]] in the court of the Third Dynasty pharaoh Djoser, was deified about two thousand years later (no earlier than the Third Intermediate Period) as a god of wisdom and medicine associated with Thoth.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In the ''Kamigawa'' cycle in ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'', [[spoiler:Michiko Konda]] fuses with her spirit world counterpart to become a living embodiment of the barrier between the mortal world and the spirit world, ending the spirit war in the process.
** From the same block, there are Ascendant characters who turn into Essence (enchantment) if certain condition is met, such as Homura, Human Ascendant.
** And in the end of ''The Secretist'' (the three part webnovel of the ''Return to Ravnica'' block), [[spoiler:Jace Beleren]] is now the guildpact.
** Sometimes before that event, [[spoiler:Jeska]] sacrificed her Planeswalker essence to [[WorldHealingWave mend the rift throughout the multiverse]]. As a side effect, her essence imposed a new cosmic rule to the way Planeswalker sparks work: there are now more of them, but they are very weak compared to the oldskool 'walkers. [[CounterpartComparison Curiously, she had to shatter the embodiment of her evil self to give her mercy to the world, much like the Madoka example above.]]
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Planescape}}'', the souls of the dead can be reborn as the AlwaysChaoticEvil Tanar'ri, the always lawful evil Baatezu, etc.
** Further, when such a being dies in its native plane, they merge with the plane itself. The Abyss is pure chaotic evil because it's forged from the countless evils of every soul that has ever gone there, while Mount Celestia is built, stone by stone, from the lawful goodness of every soul that ended up there, and so on.
* The most powerful of the gods in ''TabletopGame/{{Scion}}'' are unique in their ability to assume "Purview Avatars", temporarily becoming intelligent manifestations of a certain aspect of reality with unlimited power. A god can literally turn into The Glory, The Abyss, or The Reaper.
* This is the whole point of ''TabletopGame/{{Nobilis}}'' - one day, a being of cosmic power sticks Hope in your soul. What are you going to do about it?
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'': this is the nature of Primordials - they're an embodiment of a concept, such as Hierarchy and the Rules (She Who Lives In Her Name) or Backstabbing Dickery (the Ebon Dragon). Which means that when an Infernal takes (Yozi) Cosmic Principle, this happens to him. (He can also create his own embodied concept, but he can't truly ''become'' it in the same way due to the Charms required to do so.)
** Ironically, it's by averting this trope that the Devil Tiger path allows the Infernals to become more than their predecessors. By remaining an embodiment of themselves, rather than a concept, they avoid the Primordial's CripplingOverspecialization.
* ''TabletopGame/UnknownArmies'' [[spoiler:This is the point of cosmic bumfight. You want to have a seat in the Invisible Clergy so you will be immortalized as a concept in the world that is to be reborn. And yes, you can do it [[Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica Madoka-style]].]]. [[ArcWords You Did It.]]
* ''TabletopGame/MageTheAwakening'' subverts this trope. In ''Imperial Mysteries'', it's explained that a Mage can go to the Supernal and merge with it, subsumed into one of the many Symbols that define the world. The challenge for a Mage seeking Imperium is going to the Supernal, gaining the ability to [[RealityWarper manipulate Symbols]], all while still being herself. And the [[GreaterScopeVillain Exarchs]] did it before you.
* 4th Edition ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' lets the player do this through several Epic Destinies.
* Inverted in ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'': the Warp (formerly known as the Realm of Souls) is an alternate dimension that changes based on emotions felt by sentients. The four Chaos gods were formed from it, being the embodiments of despair and/or love (Nurgle, around the Black Death[[note]]although he's hinted to have been present but unconscious for longer in the form of Nergal, a Mesopotamian god ruling over pestilence, among others[[/note]]), rage (Khorne, around the Crusades), hope (Tzeentch, around the Renaissance) and desire (Slaanesh, sometime in the 30th millenium after centuries of SpaceElf hedonism).

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Hazama in ''Videogame/{{BlazBlue}}'' is really [[spoiler:Terumi, the BigBad of the series. Who died roughly 100 years before after failing to doublecross his [[EnemyMine "companions"]] and seems to have become a being of pure hate (and the poster child for AsLongAsThereIsEvil). He basically feeds on his own KickTheDog moments.]]
* In ''VideoGame/GodOfWar'' Ares wanted Kratos to become [[spoiler:death itself by becoming the ultimate warrior]]. To accomplish this, Ares tried to remove his humanity by tricking Kratos into [[spoiler:killing his family]]. Unfortunately for Ares, all this did was [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge piss Kratos off]].
** In ''3'' it's hinted that [[spoiler:Athena]] has become something higher that a god, following the explanation of [[spoiler:why the gods became evil between ''1'' and ''2'']] it can be guessed that [[spoiler:Athena has become Greed itself]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Persona 3}}'', [[spoiler:the Main Character sacrifices [=his/her=] life to become the Great Seal, the final barrier between Nyx, Death itself, and Erebus, the AnthropomorphicPersonification of humanity's self-destructive unconscious desires, thus becoming the ultimate representation of hope in [[TheVerse the ''Persona'' universe]], and visualized as a massive golden gate with the protagonist's soul keeping it closed. Ryoji is the literal embodiment of death, and serves as the game's final boss and the first person you meet in game.]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona 4}}'' has a metaphorical example: [[spoiler:Goddess Izanami wants to test mankind's potential, so she gives three people power and names them embodiments of a concept - Hope, Despair, and Emptiness - with the intention of acting based on which representative has the most success]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'' has the heroes attempting to invoke the trope, by making their [[PhantomThief Phantom Thieves]] group a symbol of hope and encouragement for anyone trampled upon by societal corruption, rather than a couple of high school kids. [[spoiler:In the FinalBattle, the heroes transform this belief into a massive GuardianEntity, that in turn destroys the LawfulEvil EldritchAbomination BigBad attempting to "free" humanity of TheEvilsOfFreeWill.]]
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'', Zeromus (the trope namer for AsLongAsThereIsEvil) ends up the living embodiment of hate, born from the sheer hate of the slain Zemus.
* In ''VideoGame/{{AdventureQuest}}'', the player character literally becomes the avatar of Hope during the last chapter of the Devourer Saga.
* [[VideoGame/LiveALive Live-A-Live]] has [[MeaningfulName Odio's]] various incarnations, all embodiments of hatred.
* In ''VideoGame/EarthboundBeginnings'', Giygas was originally an alien that was going to destroy the earth, but in the sequel, ''VideoGame/EarthBound'', he becomes evil itself, as stated by [[spoiler:Porky Minch.]]
* The [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Archangels of the Angiris Council]] in the ''VideoGame/{{Diablo}}'' game series represent and act as embodiments of Valor, Justice, Wisdom, Fate, and Hope. [[spoiler:At the end of ''VideoGame/DiabloIII''', Tyrael, formerly the Archangel of Justice, takes on the mantle of Wisdom, as its previous holder, Malthael, is out wandering the void.]]
** The Great Evils also embody the concepts of Hatred, Terror, and Destruction while the Lesser Evils are Pain (physical), Anguish (emotional), Lies, and Sin. Three subordinate demons encountered during the game embody Gluttony, Lust, and Despair.
* In his own words, Javik in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' is "Vengeance". Not in a metaphysical sense, but he completely identifies himself, and regards his entire existence, as the medium of revenge for the extinction of the Protheans by the Reapers. Nothing else in his life matters or will ''ever'' matter but wreaking that vengeance.
** According to him, this was common for Protheans; there were avatars of many concepts (the most prominent, of course, were the ones related to [[ForeverWar their 300-year-long war against the Reapers]]). During the [[VeryDefinitelyFinalDungeon assault on Earth]], he identifies Shepard as the avatar of ''[[TheChosenOne Victory]]''.
** Averted if you convince him to put aside his Echo Shard. He looks forward to outliving his purpose and thinks about co-writing Liara's book.
* In the backstory of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' the Avenger of the Third Grail War was originally a normal villager with no special powers until his village turned him into TheScapegoat for their own sins. As a result his soul came to represent the "wish" for there to exist a source for "[[GodOfEvil All of the World's Evil]]". [[spoiler:When his soul entered the Grail, that wish was granted, transforming the Grail's contents into an endless flood of curses and potentially transforming Avenger into a PhysicalGod]].
* In ''VideoGame/FateEXTRA'', [[spoiler:the playable Archer is distinct from his counterpart in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' in that he, instead of becoming a Counter Guardian upon death, became the avatar and shape representing the abstract concept of the "ally of justice". His abstract nature is evident in his true name - "No Name".]]
* From ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' there's the Fallen Child [[spoiler:a.k.a. [[HelloInsertNameHere Chara]]... Due to the PostModern nature of the game, [[ExperiencePoints EXP]] and [[CharacterLevel LV]] are actual in-universe recognized things, so when the Fallen Child at the end of the [[KillEmAll Genocide Route]] identifies themselves as that feeling you get when your stats increase, it becomes a very meta example since this both means that it's ''them'', not the PlayerCharacter, that has been getting stronger throughout the game, and also that Chara is an aspect of [[TheFourthWallWillNotProtectYou video gamers themselves]] and possibly even the embodiment of all playable RPG characters ever.]]

* At the end of book six of ''Webcomic/{{Fans}}'', Lord Feral becomes the alphabet itself, succeeding the inventor of phonetic writing.
* Lord Kyran of ''Webcomic/{{EmergencyExit}}'', also known as Lord Hate. The idea is never fully explained, but he seems to personify and subsist on the hate of all beings.
* From ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'', [[TokenEvilteammate Black Mage]], after being killed by Lich, descended into hell, took it over and became the embodiment of all mortal evils. Then his (former) demonic minions resurrected him [[EvenEvilHasStandards so they could kick him out of hell]].
* In ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'', Pintsize the robot hoards porn in hopes that when TheSingularity hits, he will BECOME PORN.
* In ''WebComic/SailorMoonCosmosArc'' this is what Sailor Cosmos ultimately is: the embodiment of hope. Likewise, Chaos is the embodiment of despair.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* At the end of ''WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee'', [[spoiler:WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic merges with the PlotHole and essentially becomes one with all of the many inconsistencies in the Awesomeverse.]]
* In the ''Podcast/TheAdventureZoneBalance'' the ultimate antagonist of the series, [[spoiler:The Hunger]] is revealed to be a extremely twisted vertion of this trope, as it is the result of an [[spoiler:''entire multiverse'', down to its inanimate parts and objects revolting against the concept of existing out of sheer, enraged, nihilism at the futility of existence and endlessness of time, proceeding to devour other multiverses in an attempt to out-size the concept of space and demand whatever or whoever its out there for an explanation and to force it to change. Case in point, the core and creator of The Hunger, John, explains that a more proper name for it would be ''The Dissatisfaction'']]