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09:58:34 PM Jul 18th 2015
Pulled from the main page:

  • Writers Cannot Do Math
    • Six four hour treatments to reverse the Horvath genetic changes. Almost 2000 clinics capable of doing the job in the US and Europe tending to 10,000 cases a year. So they're closed 11 months of the year?
    • In Live Free or Die it is stated that moving Troy the slightest bit would need as much fuel as the entire other fleet needs in years. Later the installed Orion Drive moves the thing around with ease. This makes you wonder why the normal battleships even use overcomplicated hightech gravity-control drives when a basic nuclear powered Orion is several magnitudes more efficient.
    • Probably because the thought of multiple barely controlled nuclear explosions as a main drive system makes anyone nervous without a mile and a half of refractory steel between them and the explosions. That and it can't do fine maneuvering and has a worrisome capability of destroying anything that get too close. Not exactly sane, but it does fit humanity's hat.

In reverse order:

First off, the last point is pure Justifying Edit, a big no-no.

The second point ignores the fact that an 8km base has a lot more "expendables" storage, so "toss nukes out the back willy-nilly" may not be as practical for much smaller warships (none of which are depicted as Starship Luxurious).

As to the first point, are those facilities capable of doing the nannie treatments that are required to clean up all of the biowarfare efforts by the Horvath? Pre-contact treatment rates using purely terran tech may not apply to something involving alien tech.
03:14:20 PM Sep 17th 2011
Chapter eight of Live Free or Die has this biiig rant at Boeing screwing "its commercial customer(three billion dollar investment), which was a huge market(think 1920 air transport), to keep its military customers(maybe a few hundred fighters), which will not be a huge market(one billion dollars), happy." They took Vernon's money(three billion dollars) and built a fightercraft when they were supposed to be building a shuttle. The government invested one billion. It seems anecdotal: has anything like that actually happened - a project to build, say, a new airliner instead used to test technology for a fighter?
07:04:23 PM Sep 17th 2011
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