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03:49:13 PM May 23rd 2013
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Time for inspiration

In a world where Odin wears business-suit, Czernabog works in a slaugtherhouse, indian gods drive taxies, leprechauns fight in bars, fertility goddessess work the streets and Gods of the underworld are mortitians...

what would be YOUR idea for a modern image of the Gods? The greek pantheon barely gets mentioned, but each god can have an ironic position in society. like, Hera as a couples therapist, Apollo as an environmentalist, aphrodite as a surfer-girl and zeus working as director in porn-industries.
02:17:12 PM Mar 15th 2012
This is the Trope Namer (apparently) for Let's You and Him Fight, but since it doesn't occur in story, it shouldn't be in the main body of the tropes. Either at the top just under the description or in Trivia.
04:41:03 AM Mar 20th 2012
Isn't Wednesday trying to pit Shadow against the New Gods for his own ends? (it's been a while, bit fuzzy on the details)

The trope naming paragraph may not be an example, but it's Foreshadowing for the climax, which is.
06:16:17 PM Jan 16th 2012
Evolutionary Levels was split up and now there are three additional tropes: Goal-Oriented Evolution, Devolution Device, and Evolution Power-Up.

Since the Evolutionary Levels example didn't provide sufficient context, I simply removed it. Whoever is familiar with the example can put it back under the correct entry. I'm leaning toward Goal-Oriented Evolution since it seems like a variant of "evolution=>super powers".


  • Trope: Mr. Town is convinced that the people he works for and against aren't gods but merely mutant freaks.
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