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08:57:26 PM Dec 14th 2012
edited by reteov
About the mentions of Corrupt Corporate Executive, I can't really see it with Ebenezer. Yes, he's obsessed with profit, and is the definition of a miser, but I can't really see the "Corrupt." After all, he treats himself no better than he treats others.

Of course, Scrooge and Marley was a partnership, which became a sole proprietorship once Marley passed on, so "Corporate" would not likely be accurate, either.
10:43:38 AM Dec 29th 2010
I've moved these comments from under Alternative Character Interpretation here, to prevent the main page going into thread mode.

  • You are absoloutely evil.
  • Hey, wait just a minute. Since when do businessmen want to pay workers what they're worth?

Businessmen like Scrooge in the 1840s certainly did not pay their employees what they were worth - that is, the price that their labour would fetch on a free market. Instead, there were "gentlemen's agreements" that acted like reverse unions - employers would get together and decide what they were going to pay their staff, in order to keep wages low.
12:50:14 PM Dec 3rd 2010
How come this lacks a charecter page?
01:00:53 PM Dec 3rd 2010
Because nobody's made it yet. And it's spelled 'character'
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