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05:57:54 PM Sep 12th 2011
The description doesn't make much sense to me, and the Laconic doesn't explain it...
06:50:52 AM Apr 17th 2012
Unfortunately, without examples, it has a tendency of not making sense, so to fix that, here are some examples that I know of: D&D- Rogues do it from behind, Bards do it with style, Paladins do it while thinking of god, Barbarians do it like wild animals, Wizards do it with skill, Sorcerors do it with talent, Clerics do it while praying, Monks do it rapidly, and Fighters do it with armor on. Each is a description of the class' most defining qualities, but the descriptions are rendered into a suggestive format. Make sense?
12:19:02 AM Aug 10th 2010
As was asked in the archive before, does anyone think a Troper Works category or Troper Tales entry for this article would be allowed? It just seems like that kind of thing for which even personal examples can be funny.
07:51:20 PM May 15th 2011
We could, but the fear would be that this kind of thing would break the page, and we'd have to give it its own website. But maybe we could...
10:33:39 AM Jul 12th 2010
10:01:24 PM Aug 20th 2010
Oh god, it kills my computer! It has more wicks than a candle factory!
07:49:45 PM May 15th 2011
Can Tropers do it with Fanfiction?
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