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01:18:49 AM Sep 13th 2013
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"Who cares about real life? GENRE SAVVY!"

Should this be pulled for not contributing to the Evil Overlord fun and really being an entry?

"Anything I can't sleep without, including pills, a scrap of my old security blanket, or a teddy bear."

This is in Cell Block A, with slightly different phrasing? Delete?

"In the storage area of my Fortress of Evil all barrels or boxes containing flamable or explosive substances will be painted in a rusty-brown colour and have no warning labels on them. Containers painted in red will instead be made of bulletproof materials, contain non hazardous substances, and have "Flamable" or Explosive" labels on them. This will fool the hero to take cover behind the explosive barrels or boxes since they seem old and unlikely to contain something dangerous."

This and its first two subbullets are in Cellblock A. Delete and transfer the third subbullet to there? The entry directly after that subbullet is also in A in slightly modified form. Merge and delete the one here?
07:32:40 AM Sep 13th 2013
I agree with all those propositions.
07:26:01 PM Sep 14th 2013
There were so many duplicates that I requested permission for the VERY LARGE Deletion in ATT. Per Consensus, duplicates have been deleted, and relevant entries merged in Cellblock A.
01:14:57 PM Jun 28th 2013
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Cellblock B Seems to have been quite heavily vandalized.
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