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03:32:56 PM Jul 21st 2012
Pretty sure Halloween and Thanksgiving need to be switched on the 'Holidays' five man band - Halloween is surely the dark side of Christmas and Thanksgiving is so the Big Guy. Thoughts?
05:40:41 PM Jul 31st 2011
A deletion and a change.

Deletion - Rush. This was on a bit of a loser anyway, considering Rush is a three piece but when you have to include a man who was only part of the band for the first album over twenty-five years ago to even come close, it's not a Five-Man Band.

Change - The Rolling Stones, because the original example was clearly written by somebody who figured all drummers are automatically the big guys; Charlie Watts fits infinitely better as the smart guy than that.
12:18:20 AM Apr 17th 2011
edited by Smasher
Also, where did the Politics and War section go?
10:39:47 PM Feb 16th 2011
How is "Real Life; Users of this website and their friends" different from the Troper Tales sction of this trope?
09:53:29 PM Dec 22nd 2010
edited by ProgenyExMachina
Someone has apparently been deleting examples without explanation. Please don't. I added mine back.
07:09:30 AM May 10th 2010
I added the M&Ms characters. I don't know much about them, I'm assuming Green is the Chick. They all seem to have distinct personalities, so maybe someone can figure out which is which among the others?—KEVP