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Whogus The Whatsler: It recently occurred to me that the classic Sun Records lineup is like a natural five man band, with Elvis as The Hero, Johnny Cash (darker, more brooding and serious) as The Lancer, Jerry Lee Lewis (skinny but almost scarily aggressive) as The Big Guy, Roy Orbison (soft-spoken, big geek glasses) as The Smart Guy and Carl Perkins (more laid-back and centered than the others) as The Chick.

I'm not sure about it, though, because Lewis is a bit of a stretch as The Big Guy and Perkins is a decided stretch as The Chick (he doesn't truly fit any archetype). I'd rather not put it in if people think it's contrived.

Taelor: switched V and Haley's positions in the Order Of The Stick entry. Consult the OOTS entry on The Lancer page for why V really fits better there. As for Haley, she's actually fits the stealthy version of The Smart Guy pretty well. V may have her beat when it comes to sheer knowledge, but Haley is the more observant of the two, is usually the first one to fully comprehend the gist of the situation, and has demonstrated on several occasions that she's very good at coming up with plans on short notice. Moreover, of all the members of the team, Haley is the most likely to rely on guile and deception rather than brute force; the same can not be said for V, whose modus operendi is just to hit the enemy with with the strongest spell she has, and then sort out the rest later.

Two little tips for people adding entries to this page:

If you're asking yourself, as evidenced by the fact that you wrote it beside your entry, 'Where do these characters fit?' the show you're describing probably doesn't have a Five Man Band. If the 'Hero' isn't the protagonist of the show, you probably don't have a Five Man Band. If, by the nature of the show, all the characters are big, or all the characters are smart, you probably don't have a Five Man Band. This page could be the poster child for Square Peg, Round Trope.

If the work you're describing has a token female, she is not automatically going to be The Chick. Many works have female Heroes, Lancers, Smart Guys and Big Guys. If there are multiple female characters, you do not have to list one of them as The Chick, if neither of them fit. If the female name you are listing is prefaced by 'Dr', 'Commander' etc and some of the other names in your list aren't, the chances are that she isn't The Chick. You are allowed to list a man as 'The Chick'.

That is all.