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01:06:22 PM Aug 20th 2012
This entry is completely incomprehensible to me. If it's an example, please rewrite it clearly. It was under Super Robot Wars Alpha and I think it refers to the first game.

  • The Original Generations of Alpha, particularly the Real Robot Genre Huckebein. It only has one pilot, but said pilot has a seishin choice that you can pick, some of which includes insanely effective combinations(particularly the Terada birthday). The Huckebein itself is really powerful, being a sorts of a Lightning Bruiser, and able to handle the whole game by spamming its Chakram Caster attack. For the Super Robot Genre, it has a limitation in which it lacks the upgrade inheritance. In return, it has powerful attacks, and 2 pilot with superb Seishin list.
05:03:54 PM Aug 20th 2013
I'm going to rewrite that. I think I get what they are trying to say.
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