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01:29:13 PM May 16th 2014
Exactly what is stopping anyone from starting separate pages from Core-era games? Is there any reason for that, aside from half of the users being too young to remember them? Because if not, I think I know what I will be doing with my spare time in upcoming months
11:53:42 AM May 27th 2014
I think that is in fact the reason. I would love to do this myself but i haven't finished all the games yet. Please get them started!
04:43:49 PM Jun 2nd 2014
Got them going. Someone put a redirect for Tomb Raider Chronicles. Can this be removed?
03:11:34 AM Jun 10th 2014
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Hahaha... I was planning to start today and what? All the pages are there, done. Nothing to do aside from expanding them. Thanks for help ^^
09:22:50 PM Mar 5th 2013
I think we can start adding in characters from Tomb Raider 2013 to the characters page, as well as filling out the Awesome Moments page.
04:49:22 PM Jun 17th 2012
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I'm not sure if it entirely fits, but here goes. In the reboot, Lara's young, inexperienced and for some reason, prone to getting the stuffing knocked out of her. She hates all the jumping and shooting etc. that Lara Croft is famous for, but since this is a reboot, she doesn't know what's to come. So, would it count as 'Dramatic Irony' that in the 2012 E3 trailer, a battered, bloody Lara cringes at the sight of a cave and says, "I HATE tombs..."?

The hour-long Eurogamer footage has a moment where Lara gets stuck in a bear trap. Helped to her feet, she says that she'll be find after resting a little. Is this bravado, or a nod and a wink to the game's Regenerating Health?