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10:55:44 PM Nov 14th 2017
Is "Your Cheating Heart" really justified under Barry's profile? Continuity is pretty loose in DC, so his thing with Jessica could have been before he even asked Iris out.
10:41:49 PM Aug 27th 2016
We really need to fix the Storyline links in Wally's section. None of them actually connect to anything comicbook related
12:39:52 PM Feb 6th 2011
After reading the Batman: Arkham Asylum page, I couldn't help but envision the following scenario:

What if one of the video-gaming companies made a game similar to that one, but centered around The Flash? To be specific, Flash goes around Central/Keystone City, fighting villains, recovering items, solving puzzles, all without being able to leave the city's boundaries for plot-related reasons.

Villains he could face would include: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave, the Trickster, Razer, Girder, Murmur, Tar Pit, Magenta, Golden Glider, the Top, the Pied Piper, the Thinker, the Turtle, Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard, Plunder, Blacksmith, Dr. Alchemy, Mr. Element, the Shade, Cobalt Blue, and the Rainbow Raider. Professort Zoom could be either the Big Bad or The Dragon; in the latter case, the Big Bad would perhaps be Vandal Savage.

Question is: What do you Flash fans out there think?
10:26:18 PM Feb 8th 2012
Sounds incredible. But it would run into the problem of implementing super speed on a video game without making it a total game breaker
08:22:14 AM Apr 8th 2012
In that case, they could probably make it so that Flash could run by holding down a certain button, but his speed would rely on a bar-gauge that can run out and needs time to refill...maybe.
08:17:15 PM Jan 19th 2018
Second the 'sounds incredible' sentiment, its a topic I've actually thought a lot about. There's a few ways super-speed could be implemented rather well without being too game-breaking.

Firstly, play him as a fragile speedster type with focus on hitting quickly and not getting back during combat. Go with Arkham's combat style, only maxed out the speed while dialling down the damage a bit, and increase speed as combos get higher. When switching enemies, feature a Flash Step-like mechanism where you just dart straight at whichever enemy you're pointing at. By keeping the attack damage low (at least for basic attacks), it should avoid any problem with being too easy, but still let you race around and feel like the Flash. It could also include some stealth/defensive mechanisms, such as being able to 'snap' to cover across the screen, zipping past without being detected. Rather than gargoyles, corners and waist-high walls are your friends! As an extra feature, include a charge-up bar that, once full, allows to just slow down time to a crawl for a limited time while in combat. You'd be able to super-sonic punch entire rooms of people in what, to you, seems to be a frozen moment in time.

I'd also include a few quick-travel options. Firstly, have a 'run' button you use when out of combat to basically race down roads and up buildings, that allows you to just easily run across town. Have the running 'snap' to the roads direction so you're easily turning direction and running straight without too much issue. This could also include upgrades to the travel-speed mechanism, such as slowing down external time when running (so that, as you're racing, traffic and timers slow, giving you the illusion of getting across town in seconds).

Second option would include a literal fast travel feature, that does just get explained by you racing there while loading. Hell, the loading screen for this could just be a shot of the city with your lightning trail showing you moving places.

As the game goes on, include additional speed powers and upgrades. Learn Wally's signature speed lending/stealing abilities, Barry's lightning-throwing, and various abilities relating to Jay's helmet. Even include things like using the travel-speed mechanisms into combat, such as either racing enemy speedsters or, when fighting big enemies, just get some distance before charging straight at them. It could even feature some kind of 'attack wheel' type thing that allows you to unlock different combat styles. Like say, besides the basic punches, unlock the whirlwind-arms thing to have powerful knock-down attacks, momentum-stealing to freeze enemies, momentum-lending to send them hurtling away, lightning-enhanced punches, etc. Imagine something like [PROTOTYPE] in its handling of that. This could happen as you level up, but it could be tied with the story as well, such as unlocking many as you progress, and getting several big upgrades after you get stuck in the Speed Force.

Besides combat, I'd be curious as to how they handle the playable characters. Like, its most likely they'd default to Barry Allen, but as he's, to me personally, the least interesting of the three main Flashes, I'd prefer having all three playable, with unique gameplay diversions (as noted above, maybe different combat mechanisms between them). Maybe have like, three campaigns to play where you play each one (Jay combating the Thinker, Barry fighting the Rogues, and Wally fighting Abra Kadabra, with Rival, Thawne, and Zoom being over-arching villains in each one), possibly culminating in a 'final' campaign where you switch between the three of them. Alternatively, one big campaign, but with a GTA 5-like ability to seamlessly switch between the three of them and a lot of independent missions, sidequests, and fun to have with each one.

Multiplayer is also something I'd love in a game like this. Anyone got any ideas on that? Personally I'd love a drop-in/drop-out system so you can play the story or roam around freely with a buddy, maybe with them playing either Impulse, Kid Flash, or Jesse Quick, if not just one of the other two Flashes.
07:26:15 PM Jun 9th 2010
The art in the characters section fucking suck. How about we replace them with comic art?
04:34:09 PM Feb 3rd 2011
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