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10:41:49 PM Aug 27th 2016
We really need to fix the Storyline links in Wally's section. None of them actually connect to anything comicbook related
12:39:52 PM Feb 6th 2011
After reading the Batman: Arkham Asylum page, I couldn't help but envision the following scenario:

What if one of the video-gaming companies made a game similar to that one, but centered around The Flash? To be specific, Flash goes around Central/Keystone City, fighting villains, recovering items, solving puzzles, all without being able to leave the city's boundaries for plot-related reasons.

Villains he could face would include: Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, Heatwave, the Trickster, Razer, Girder, Murmur, Tar Pit, Magenta, Golden Glider, the Top, the Pied Piper, the Thinker, the Turtle, Gorilla Grodd, Weather Wizard, Plunder, Blacksmith, Dr. Alchemy, Mr. Element, the Shade, Cobalt Blue, and the Rainbow Raider. Professort Zoom could be either the Big Bad or The Dragon; in the latter case, the Big Bad would perhaps be Vandal Savage.

Question is: What do you Flash fans out there think?
10:26:18 PM Feb 8th 2012
Sounds incredible. But it would run into the problem of implementing super speed on a video game without making it a total game breaker
08:22:14 AM Apr 8th 2012
In that case, they could probably make it so that Flash could run by holding down a certain button, but his speed would rely on a bar-gauge that can run out and needs time to refill...maybe.
07:26:15 PM Jun 9th 2010
The art in the characters section fucking suck. How about we replace them with comic art?
04:34:09 PM Feb 3rd 2011
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