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04:36:37 PM Jul 26th 2013
Removed large parts of a section on Hollywood Tactics (or rather aversions thereof), since Averted Tropes are generally not worth listing, and main articles are not suitable for overly detailed analysis. Nevertheless, some of the content was quite interesting, so I'm posting it here. Problematic Example Indentation left intact.

  • Hollywood Tactics: Usually averted, mostly in the opening battle. Though flaming arrows are used in the opening battle, it appears that they are used mainly for their psychological effect; when combined with the napalm catapults, the barbarians panic and scatter slightly, allowing the Roman infantry to cross the field virtually unopposed.
    • The Romans begin the battle with a devastating barrage of arrows/napalm/ballista bolts, dealing some casualties and keeping the barbarians on the defensive while the Roman infantry cross the field.
    • As the Romans march across the field to engage the barbarians, they manage to stay in relatively straight ranks, though a little ragged, probably from the rough terrain. The barbarians, on the other hand, charge as a loose horde, though this would have been Truth in Television. However...
    • Maximus's light cavalry did charge directly at enemy lines, but they charged at the back of the enemy's lines, catching the barbarians off guard in a pincer movement.
    • Averted again later in the film. Maximus, being a veteran Roman general, knows exactly the sort of (correct) tactics needed to win in the Colosseum when he and his fellow gladiators armed with shields and spears go up against chariots with bladed wheels.
04:30:33 PM Jul 29th 2012
I don't know what trope this would fall into, but is it just me or does Maximus' journey to his home make no sense ?

After he escapes his execution in Germania, he travels all the way to Spain (about half of Europe, which I'd randomly guess would take a whole month) with a bleeding wound and two horses. We never see him passing through a town, getting that shoulder wound treated, getting fresh horses or new clothes, bathing, eating or even drinking.

From the way it was filmed you'd swear it actually took less than a week.
01:59:34 AM May 10th 2011
Example tropes need details. Please see How to Write an Example.
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