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05:14:18 AM Dec 28th 2014
Shouldn't the Informed Attractiveness / Hilarious in Hindsight entry be moved to YMMV (if included at all)? a) Valerie and Candy are surprised by how attractive they are BECAUSE they have seen their furry alien persona and, really, the only one getting lots of attention at the nightclub is Whiploc (Jim Carrey) who actually looks pretty cute. b) Most women find Jeff Goldblum unconventionally handome - particularly in this film, Val just happens to be one of them. c) Compared to the other males in the movie - Ted, dancing guy, pool dude -, the aliens ARE insanely gorgeous.
09:05:57 AM Dec 28th 2014
The Hilarious in Hindsight part does not belong here; it needs to go to YMMV. The Informed Attractiveness part can stay; it's about how they are viewed in the story.
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