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03:00:59 PM Apr 24th 2015
Since this page is about two movies, I think it should be split into Film.Cyberbully 2011 and Film.Cyberbully 2015.
01:25:53 AM Apr 25th 2015
07:15:03 PM Feb 5th 2017
I'm on it. I'll need a better description for the 2015 one, though.
03:44:46 PM Aug 21st 2012
edited by RockLeeYourFace
Just wondering about this being on the main trope page:

"Too Dumb to Live: Among other things, Taylor is too dumb to open a childproof cap without struggling. Making this a strange case of Too Dumb To Die."

Under normal circumstances I'm sure Taylor would've known how to take the cap off, however she's having an emotional breakdown during that moment. It's not really a case of being "dumb" if the person is distraught and suicidal.

Edit: Also bringing this for discussion:

"Epic Fail: You would think that overdosing on pills would be relatively easy. Just open the bottle and OH WAIT. A meta-example, but the fact that they took something like cyberbullying and turned it into something completely silly is quite a feat."
05:57:13 PM May 4th 2012
edited by Aspie
Would someone care to explain why this is being deleted every two seconds?
11:52:12 PM May 4th 2012
That is called a vandal. I'm reporting it in Ask The Tropers.
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