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06:49:54 PM Mar 28th 2013
The Multiple Endings entry was a nightmare violation of the Example Indentation rules. I'm putting most of it here so we can figure out how to condense the important information into a single bullet point that isn't a huge, nattery wall of text.

  • Listed as "Ending A", "Ending B" and "Ending C" in the original theatrical newspaper ads.
  • There was a fourth ending scripted and filmed, but dropped from the final cut. In it, Wadsworth is the killer, and did it out of a sick need for perfection. He reveals he poisoned everyone, then locks everyone inside when the police arrive and tries to escape in a police car, only to discover a Doberman in the back. This ending was not included in the DVD release.
  • The Vanilla Edition DVD version has only one special feature - it will select one of the endings at random if you choose it to before you start the film.
    • Since the film had multiple endings, it was important that each one was actually plausible in order for them to work. If you go back and watch the film with each ending's evidence in mind, noting the absences of certain characters in certain scenes as well as specific character interactions, you'll find that all three are almost completely plausible (and equally implausible).
    • Though notably some of the endings are more plausible than others - in particular, Ms. Scarlett's ending is the only one to adequately deal with the killer being able to do the equivalent of running a marathon, without the Gambit Roulette of the everybody did it ending: in this case she had help, which also accounts for Yvette the maid's presence (or lack thereof) in the plot, as well as explaining the dialogue before Yvette's death.
    • Ending C is also the only one with a plethora of flashbacks, and a Mythology Gag in which a character declares who did it, where and with what, just like a player does in the actual game.
    • For one more also, certain characters disappearing at certain times, or finding certain weapons and secret passageways, feels ridiculous if Ending C isn't true.
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