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08:22:21 PM Sep 1st 2012
I think the "Luke, I am your father" need to be taken out or at least moved to the trivia section. The story, during both the second and third revisions, make it very clear that Nyx is in fact Nightmare Moon, not a clone/daughter and that the blood from Twilight was simply a magnet/source of nurishment for the growing Nyx. The blood is even completely expelled from Nyx's body when she's still a sphere!
03:15:52 PM Aug 10th 2011
Wicking out this page, assist would be lovely! Remember: it's Fanfic / Past Sins without the spaces.
09:48:20 AM Aug 8th 2011
Deleted Forgot About His Powers, basically for one strong reason. It doesn't really fit. Sure, Twilight has powers, but for as much as they've been explored, nothing suggest any of her powers could have worked when Celestia was taking Nyx away. She can teleport, but that's been shown to be short-ranged, and the chances of landing in a moving carrot sound slim. She can get herself a pair of wings, but the spell takes time, would leave her exhausted, and for what we've seen of that spell that one time, those wings don't seem to be particularlty fast.

So basically, I don't think she ever forgot about her powers, but that she just didn't have any really fitted for the situation. None shown, at the least, so there's no valid judgement.
12:25:18 AM May 10th 2013
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>moving carrot

This is an awesome autocorrect.
06:05:54 PM Aug 5th 2011
Okay, why is there no link to a Fridge _____ section on this? I've got at least one Fridge Brilliance entry we can put in there.
10:27:50 PM Aug 5th 2011
...just read the updated version. New version broke my Fridge Brilliance when it changed Nyx's character. Add Broken Base to the trope list.
07:11:50 AM Aug 5th 2011
edited by ChibiKibou
On my adjustment to the Dragon with an Agenda entry, I've replaced the original content with something that makes no assumptions about the plot, given the fact that Spell Nexus has not actually done anything yet that goes against Nightmare Moon's wishes or orders, behind her back or otherwise.

Closest so far was actions that he assumed she would appreciate.. and was surprised to find she wasn't hugely pleased about.

Still, the original entry content is here, for reference / if proven correct (which I suspect it likely will be, but still), or so:

  • Dragon with an Agenda: Nightmare!Nyx's behavior so far isn't meshing well with Spell Nexus's view of how the night eternal should be run, and has been rectifying the situation behind their back.

I've also added the cover picture to the trope page proper. Hopefully it's alright, but I admit, I had to fight the temptation to replace it with a picture of Nyx with a sock stuck on her head.

In fact if you ask me I actually think that'd make for an even better picture anyway given the cover picture looks a bit untidy when so reduced but... thoughts, anyone?

By the by, sorry about the overuse of 'I hope that's alright' in edit notations.
01:02:01 AM Aug 1st 2011
Do we really need to use spoiler tags in the YMMV section, or any section outside of the main article for that matter? I'm thinking that anybody who goes there not expecting spoilers to happen kinda deserves what they get, but I am not sure what the general consensus on that was.
02:04:32 PM Aug 2nd 2011
edited by ChibiKibou
I'd warn not to. Sure, the likelihood is extremely low but.. why not?

Better a few people have to drag the mouse a bit than even one person might have enjoyed the story get it spoiled for them by wandering into the wrong place, if you ask me.
11:45:35 PM Jul 26th 2011
Just for the heck of it, I finally got around to setting up the WMG page for this work so that we can amuse ourselves while we await the authors' return from their hiatus. The guesses that I put up to start with were mainly jokes; but you have to start somewhere, right?
11:00:59 PM Jul 24th 2011
I am not sure whether or not the entry for The Virus should be replaced with The Corruption. I don't really know which trope fits exposure to the Nightmare Moon Fragments better.
11:58:04 AM Jul 30th 2011
The Corruption is definitely more fitting considering how it affects the victim's minds.
05:36:04 PM Aug 18th 2011
Actually, it seems more a magical varient of a Puppeteer Parasite... I'd use the Wikiword but to be truthful I don't know how.
07:09:21 PM Jul 24th 2011
We need more regular examples so the page doesn't drown under a sea of spoiler tags!! So, find cute tropes for the slice of life stuff!

Anything after chapter 10 would have to be spoilered, as would the end of chapter 6 and the scene in chapter 3/4 (I forget) set in the Everfree forest.

— Var