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03:49:47 PM Aug 22nd 2013
  • Villain Protagonist: A rare unintentional example. Julia and Sephiroth are deeply unlikeable and twisted characters and despite being constantly presented in a positive light by the author, reading about them leads to this trope.

I guessed in put this in the ymmv page as Designated Hero, but this is already listed there. I read a good time ago in a thread in the forums that the motive to morality tropes not be ymmv is exactly because they are about the form that the characters are portrayed, not the form as the audience see them. And in either case, the disclaimer in Villain Protagonist explicitly says to keep the examples objective.

  • What the Hell, Hero?: Julia launching very powerful fireworks and Molotov cocktails down an entire football field, wounding many people, because some football players tried and failed to beat up Sephiroth.
    • This pales in comparison to her cold-blooded, sadistic torture of two Wutai women because one had called Sephiroth a woman and another had broken Julia's barely-mentioned sword.

What the hell hero is about in-universe callings, as noted by the disclaimer in the page. If this was called in-universe, put this again noting this in the description of the example.

  • Kick the Dog: An unintentional example. Sephiroth and Julia fight Yuffie's mother, Empress Keara, during the Wutai war. She manages to severely wound Julia, and as a result, Sephiroth, believing that his fiancee has died, manages to subdue the Empress and hold her down. He puts his boot on her head and begins applying pressure, when Yuffie, once his closest friend, runs to him, sobbing, and begs him to spare her mother. Sephiroth lifts his foot, as if he had decided to spare the Empress, only to drive it through her skull a few moments later. Yuffie is understandably horrified beyond imagining. What makes it worse is that only days before, Yuffie had called out an ambush when she recognized her old friend Julia among the enemy soldiers, thus saving her life. Sephiroth and Julia never think about this again, and nothing in the story suggests that what Sephiroth did is wrong in any way.

kick the dog is an act used to show that a character is evil, not an act that the audience sees as evil.
11:02:31 AM Feb 12th 2014
Sorry, I didn't realize Kick the Dog had been in before, and you make a valid point. That being said, this is an odd case, because this scene does seem to exist to prove that Sephiroth is evil, at least to Yuffie.
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