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03:47:45 PM Aug 28th 2013
I think you could make a Drinking Game out of just how many times the name Yuno Gasai gets potholed to Yandere. I mean, I know it's Yuno, but hey, your liver can take it!
05:50:27 PM Jan 16th 2013
How about a sip for every entry where the editor apparently didn't check the thing after submitting/editing it? The most obvious is when they insert a blue link into a hottip. The formatting won't let you do that. The hottip ends at the first set of ]] brackets, leaving the last part of the tip hanging out in regular text. I've also seen variations '{[', as well as word sequences such as 'and my he did [action]'. Anything that a careful check would catch.

To fix, I usually shift hottips with blue links to note and /note formatting.
11:15:28 PM Jan 11th 2013
"Take a sip while tilting your head sideways every time somebody doesn't italicise a series title. Then correct it."

For titles that aren't linked (either because they don't have pages or because of the laziness of the editor), I don't think I've seen this done. Ever.
01:11:36 AM Jan 12th 2013
It should be done, though.
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