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09:02:06 AM Dec 28th 2014
How did they work out the data for the 'how bad?' labelnote at the top of the page? Count the drinks demanded by the rules, or count actual number of times you would have to take those drinks or what? 'Cause if it's the first one I'll update that figure for free.
03:47:45 PM Aug 28th 2013
I think you could make a Drinking Game out of just how many times the name Yuno Gasai gets potholed to Yandere. I mean, I know it's Yuno, but hey, your liver can take it!
05:50:27 PM Jan 16th 2013
How about a sip for every entry where the editor apparently didn't check the thing after submitting/editing it? The most obvious is when they insert a blue link into a hottip. The formatting won't let you do that. The hottip ends at the first set of ]] brackets, leaving the last part of the tip hanging out in regular text. I've also seen variations '{[', as well as word sequences such as 'and my he did [action]'. Anything that a careful check would catch.

To fix, I usually shift hottips with blue links to note and /note formatting.
11:15:28 PM Jan 11th 2013
"Take a sip while tilting your head sideways every time somebody doesn't italicise a series title. Then correct it."

For titles that aren't linked (either because they don't have pages or because of the laziness of the editor), I don't think I've seen this done. Ever.
01:11:36 AM Jan 12th 2013
It should be done, though.
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