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10:24:29 PM May 22nd 2012
I can't believe this isn't actively discouraged. A few vague warnings about poisoning near the end, and that's it. Drinking games are idiotically dangerous to begin with but for this? Can't there be a giant bold disclaimer at the top saying that people shouldn't actually be doing this, or at least that it is not a safe activity by any means? I'm not trying to be a Moral Guardian, but this isn't some "imitable violence" issue; the list does explicitly tell the reader to drink X amount every time Y happens. I really think it deserves a much stronger warning...
09:43:29 PM May 18th 2012
A bit concerned about the claim of being hospitalized playing this game. Are we sure we shouldn't change it from "shots" to "sips" at least?
09:38:53 PM Dec 18th 2011
Holy shit, I completely forgot about this drinking game. I'm glad people are having fun with it, but it's a bit worrying knowing this game may eventually kill someone. I thought it would die off after the "goffik" clothing and music in MI became out of date.
07:34:47 AM Oct 8th 2011
Does the Fan fic recommendation really need to be here? apart from the fact that it's a likely Trollfic (not saying My Immortal isn't), it doesn't seem to have much relevancy to the drinking game.
06:15:48 PM Jun 1st 2011
This page is an affront and an insult to all real drinking gamerz like me. Aside from the obvious moral repugnancy that is playing a drinking game with no alcohol, the vast majority of these entries are either penis-wrinklingly boring ("Drank lots of water. Peed. Lost interest."), don't even belong on the page ("I didn't drink anything, I just read the story, lulzzz"), or so fake they're not even funny ("Me and my nonexistant friends got sooooooo SUPER DRUNK from all the sugary, nonalcoholic sodas we drank!")

I say we have a "hall of fame" (shame?) for the brave souls who've gotten to at least the halfway mark using actual alcohol and following at least 75% of the rules.
08:26:11 AM Jul 31st 2010
It Occurs to me that this game should probably be played ON THE TOILET. or at least near it.
05:57:28 PM Apr 22nd 2010
I think this drinking game calls for a new variant of drinking game. In the spirit of Tabletop Games, dice-rolling should be incorporated. That way, we can ensure that players get thoroughly tired and emotional by the end of the game, but don't, you know, die. Go through two chapters, count up the shots, multiply by half the number of chapters (because we did two chapters), and then figure out what you should roll to take a shot to ensure that players don't take too many shots...

Am I Completely Missing the Point or being some kind of “Stop Having Fun” Guy? Taking into account the fact that Most Tropers Are Young Nerds and Geek Physiques, there's probably a lot of us who should be cut off at about five shots and so shouldn't attempt to get more than halfway through the first chapter.

Is the point that you won't be able to keep reading past about the first chapter? I don't get drinking games, they all seem to be impossible.
10:45:59 AM Jun 17th 2010
In this case, yeah, I think that was the point.
02:20:27 PM Jul 8th 2010
I think the point was to get drunk really really really fast
01:43:33 PM May 27th 2011
I have noticed that most of us tend to play with non-alcoholic beverages. (Maybe it's affordable) But I did take a venture and do it with Jack Daniels. I got drunk really fast. (Then again, you have to take in the fact that my average reading speed is about twice that of a normal person's average, so the drinks came faster for me.)
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