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11:18:17 AM May 23rd 2012
I made a YMMV page, but it isn't appearing on the main page. What should I do?
02:37:54 PM May 23rd 2012
We don't show YMMV tabs for creators anymore - see Creator Pages Guidelines.
05:20:12 AM May 24th 2012
edited by SamMax
That is a redlink, Septimus Heap. But okay. I'll fix that to the best of my ability. Lock it if needed.
09:25:39 AM May 22nd 2012
I tried to get Main.Shiny Entertainment to redirect to Creator.Shiny Entertainment, but I just keep being sent to the home page. I'm certain I'm following the directions, now having a somewhat better understanding of them, but I'm afraid I'm still doing something wrong. What should I do?
09:31:48 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by Telcontar
Odd; it worked fine for me. Are you sure you were WikiWording it properly, including capitals for Creator and Shiny? That can lead to stuff going to the home page.
09:34:08 AM May 22nd 2012
edited by SamMax
I was, but I was just being sent to the home page. Something else, perhaps?

EDIT: And yes, this is the first page I ever created here. I'm sorry if I'm causing any problems for you.
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